Preparing an Inquisimunda campaign?


Oct 14, 2012
Kentwood, LA, USA
So I've decided to wade off into the waters that is Inquisimunda. My question is, does anyone have suggestions on exactly how to put a campaign together? I am totally at a loss trying to set this up so any ideas would be greatly appreciated! I would probably act more as a GM (game master) than an actual player. I would really like to give the players a good narrative to go by rather than a bunch of static scenarios. Thanks!


Jun 6, 2018
Murfreesboro, Tennessee
I’ve never run an Inquisimunda Campaign, but I just know things about running RPGs. First, try to get a general outline of the campaign. Make sure it’s flexible so if something happens you can easily adjust it. Make sure if you are going to use any house rules let your players know before hand, so they don’t think you’re trying to cheat them. Make sure you have all the miniatures you might need. Then, just play. The process for that stuff shouldn’t be complex. Keep in mind, I haven’t run an Inquisimunda Campaign, so use this with a side of salt
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Feb 8, 2013
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How many players, how often would you get together, are you aiming for them to play games away from you or only with you present?

What sorta model collection, what sorta players do you have (role players, ruleset but competative or waac gamers*), do you have lots of terrain?

*I'd braodly go into these 3 catogoires as roleplayers, will be very up for stupid stuff, playing in character and generally you can have a very very loose idea/ruleset for mission rules etc with them, competative are likely to enjoy a new spin on the game but want tidy set up, so you want interesting but simple to follow mission rules clearly there for them to see (ie, civies who will act on a table of results based on what happened, an escort mission with a juve stat model to kill/capture etc etc), or a Waac style group, in which case teaming them up and playing against you is the way to go, things like survive zombie hordes, or alien hunt against a stealer or ork infestation... that sorta stuff where you can all experiment with odd stuff but as they are playing against you it means any beardyiness they come up with, you can counter with bigger/harder challenges.

Hope that all makes sense