N17 Printable Illustrated Custom Tactics Cards (CAWDOR incl.) Version 2.0 - Cawdor

MTG-based Tactics cards (Gang-specific incl.) ready for printing

  1. Xiądz

    Xiądz Juve

    Sure will do. They're as fun to make as they're useful ;) So as soon as the Delaque cards appear on the online PDF compilation, expect some goodness here :)
    Azrael804 likes this.
  2. Xiądz

    Xiądz Juve

    Gentlemen, if you have any illustration suggestions for Delaque, now it's a good time to share :)
  3. Karolis

    Karolis New Member

    This exactly what I was looking for. Any chance you could export a better quality PDF (less compression)?
  4. Xiądz

    Xiądz Juve

    Glad you like it. If I remember correctly there was no compression applied. But I'll check it again when I'll be uploading the Delaque update :)
    Petitioner's City, Karolis and Malo like this.
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