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Necromunda Printable Illustrated Custom Tactics Cards (Ruins of Jardlan - Van Saar vehicle cards) 21.0

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All the generic cards available for every gang is the first (and the biggest) chapter of the file. Also it says on the card if it's available for every gang (titled Gang Tactics) or specific gang (Escher Tactics) or even situation (Venator Zone Mortalis Tactics). On top of that the chapters help to orientate in a file that had grown quite big over the years.

On top of that there are symbols meaning which card come from which set - these are the symbols on the right side of the Card Type. Just remember that if the card comes from eg. Escher set does not mean that generic gangs can't use it - the older sets had some generic and some gang specific cards. I try to come of with new every set is released so people can navigate. That being said I need to warn you that the cards from the first few sets have the hammer symbol (these include the original box) and ARE NOT DIFFERENTIATED between sets, I started doing this later.

I honestly don't know if people still care what set the card comes from with all the house rules regarding deck building... Any feedback? :)

PS. As for if it has the latest cards - not yet. I still haven't done the Ash Wastes Cawdor set from the second campaign book.
thanks for the help was using a phone and just show pic's of cards but after reading this used a computer and understand it how there filed really useful resource thank you once aging for the help
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