Project Log: Mordheim anniversary Restless Dead warband

When they come in, they WILL get painted up, and WILL get photographed alongside members of this warband, so we will be able to compare scale with both other Reaper minis, as well as with GW's nighthaunt. And probably others.

Speaking of photographic evidence, I added some photos today of a miniature that I did not paint recently. I painted this minotaur back in 1999, by happenstance the year Mordheim came out. Mostly watercolour and some acrylic washes over white. I then re-based it ten years later, to give it a round base rather than a square, as I felt it fit better, visually. I have resisted touching it up at all now, twenty years later.


Edit: Ooh! Just discovered this mini by Titan Forge, that I obviously now want to find the cash and time and chance to add as well:

Ooh! And THIS minotaur:
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As promised: a size/scale shot of the Reaper “graveyard golem” 77526. Assortment of GW and Reaper miniatures to scale. Arms and wrought-iron-fence “wings” not yet attached. Standing on 50mm square base.


The same, but with arms and 'wings' in place.

So both GW current standard and most Reaper human scale figures come top of head to above its waist, so bigger then a GW ogre, but smaller than a GW giant. About right for what I wanted to use it for.

Also the female with shovel arrived. A 'Wednesday Adams' look for the gravedigger hired sword.

Additionally have now ordered
to use as an Ogre hired sword for the warband (at least in interim until/unless that maneater posted previously), and
as a warlock hired sword for the same.

Shovels! Shovels everywhere!

May well convert the zombie ogre to be weilding a shovel instead of an axe....

Still aim for a second familiar, an assassin , and a highwayman all in the same 'ghost story gothic' vein, as those are the remaining hired sword options for the undead, and I might as well be ready. A fourth skeleton archer of some sort will round out what's available, unless I decide to make scarecrows and zombies in case.

Coming up with warband-themed hired swords is a lovely part of Mordheim modeling that, I admit, I don't often find in Necromunda or GorkaMorka. Mind you, pit slaves might change that.
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I quite like that, excellent work.
Thank you! Need to grunge up both the skull and the shovel blade some yet - greens and browns for both. Still undecided about the tassel on the end of her hood. And possible highlighting on her scarf. But she’s definitely getting there.

The graveyard golem is a lovely piece. Each is well worth the six bucks Canadian they cost.
Plastic, reaper bones material, so a very slightly softer styrene than GW’s. Crisp detail despite.

I plan to paint both the shield (angel) and mace (cross) in a different stone (marble angel for example) to distinguish them further, but it really is a lovely sculpt, and I highly recommend it.

Bob Ridolfi was the sculptor.
Armed! Also possibly dangerous!





A couple of Mordheim buildings also under construction. Over the next couple of weeks, more BSF painting and less (but not no) Mordheim is on the schedule. But with more Reaper-minis-with-shovels ordered, we've not reached the end of this crew....
The stones are generally modeled on the colours of a 1749-1752 cemetery here in town, except for the marble “shield.” The marble also happens to be the only part of this paint job with which I am unsatisfied. I have to learn some better tricks for painting marble.

So now ready to someday hire a Bone Goliath, a Graverobber, a Cursed Hillman, a Lantern Goblin. Warlock is next to make for this crew, and an ogre. And one more skeletal archer. And some “redcoat” zombies. And a highwayman (not mounted). Phew!
At a painting evening at our local board game cafe. My wife is putting first paint to her rat men warband, and putting paint to toy soldiers for the first time in years. Here is an in-progress picture of the first of her Skaven. Washes and dry brushing and base work yet to come.

The next minor derailment from my planned Finish Your Stuff Challenge intentions has arrived: a trio of Hired Swords in the theme of, and to be available to, this Restless Dead warband.
Left to right, an Ogre Bodyguard, a Warlock, and an Assassin.

The "ogre" is slightly smaller than the GW ogres, but will handily fit the theme, and thanks to the "two handed coffin weapon" on his shoulders, has a suitable bulk to fill out the 40mm square base with very little help from basing clutter.

The warlock came from Reaper as the accompanying grave-digger, but the shovel represents a "staff" well enough, and she will certainly fit the theme with no real questions. She's also my first real opportunity to include the ubiquitous-in-Warhammer tall hat.

That said, the real "Solomon Kane" look will come from the Imperial Assassin carrying a spare zombie head. The Assassin will work for Undead warbands, which includes the Risen Dead, and is a smashing model. Not a likely-early-in-a-campaign hire, but Undead-available Hired Swords are few and far between. Sword and "crossbow pistol" [folded], poisons and sneakiness with a high initiative makes him potentially useful in any "run and grab the thing" scenario, whilst still having a competence for survivability. Plus, you know. Solomon Kane. The model is an excellent one for anybody looking for a good Witch Hunter as well.
Oh no! Another detour from projected plans!

Local comic shop phoned me and said they’d just been sold something they thought I would want. And they were right - especially for slightly less than was scrawled on the box. All pieces there, untouched and unused.

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Every warband needs a themed coach eventually, right? Even if just for Empire In Flames scenarios? That is what I am telling myself.