N18 Proxies for Dramatis Personae (especially Aranthian Succession)


Aug 26, 2022
Hey Scummers!

I'm running a Cinderak Burning and as you may know, it involves a few Dramatis Personae that can randomly show up in a fight. Because we're a big group I want to have a few of each mini ready to go. So, I'm looking for good proxies. I'll share what I've found so far. Please add any that you may have found. I've taken the 3D printing route but I'm also very open to physical minis so don't be shy ;)

I'd be particularly interested if you know of any good Athera proxies! My one looks a bit like a Karen.


Lady Credo


Lady Haera

Cyniss, Clan Mother

Athera and Stix



Gorshiv Hammerfist
Margo Merdena


Vespa 'Minx' Merdena
TTcombat do a pit fighter now and then when they do thier exclusive events that works well for goliaths and Hammerfest.
Top of my head is Margo Merdena the one with bionic legs? I would just use a female Orlock ganger with leg swaps from the cybermastifs. (I have made silicone rubber moulds of the Forge World female Orlock champions bodies so that Merdena daughter is on my to do list as well)
If you are keeping the Orlock buggy look (who would not it's awesome. Biker bias...) A head swap and a missile launcher, tons of heavy/special weapons in the Horus heresy weapon boxes, for the regular buggy should do the trick.
While pricey the necromunda forge world stuff is in general really good and when I feel extravagant I do splash out on then now and then.
I may or may not have that Cool hat with Eyros slagmyst attached...
Also many of the character models are some sculptors interview piece when they applied for the job and it endears me a bit that they finally can sell it. 😁