Punktaku’s Parade of (mostly) Imperial Agents


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I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to be the first post in a new topic! i used to have a wide variety of 40k armies, but sold most of them off a couple decades ago. I just couldn’t resist keeping a few. Oddly enough, they’re almost all Imperial. Most of the time i played i was Eldar. Life’s funny, eh? Last time i played was 4th edition. Played one game, that was it. I did buy Dark Vengeance, but it was on sale and i wanted those cultists (my Scumdogs gang). I’m solidly in the “First Edition was Best” camp.

So to start off, SPACE WOLVES! Vikings! In Space! Couldn’t resist these guys. I hear they’re OP, but they’re too cool (and i never get to play anyway).

Hmm... gotta figure out how the new Tribe works..

edit: think i figured it out
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@Malo any idea what i did wrong here? i was trying to pick an album to insert a single pic, but somehow the entire album showed up! i used the little camera icon like we used in the last version of the site...
The Wolf Scouts. The thing i like about these guys is that they’re veterans, not like the scouts in other chapters who are novices.

Scout No.6 above is a sculpt I really like - I use one as a Necromunda scummer and sent another as my Christmas Gift Exchange model last year. I think these scouts are one of the best sets of old school metal miniatures GW created - they manage to be very dynamic for "flat" miniatures.
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Since troops (even Space Wolves) are pretty much the same, i didn’t photograph the whole army just a few to show the pack types.

Clean paint job on the SM. Have you thought about using washes for the armour and the face? It takes little amount of time and would improve the model by a wide margin imo.
These are probably15+ years old, and clear coated. I've also never been a big fan of washes and things like that (glazes, etc.). but I do agree they're a bit too clean for space vikings. I also wanted more runes (like the Scibor Celtic Marines)...
This took longer to do than i thought it would. i couldn’t get a single army shot, but here’s some group shots and a character i missed.

The troops. 2 squads of 10 Gray Hunters, one pack of 15 Blood Claws.
So, for 40k I have like 4 collections of imperial forces. This here is group number two, and the last group I collected. I picked up the Dark Vengeance set for the chaos cultists, and it was also on sale. So I ended up with a group of plastic Dark Angels I wasn't really interested in.

Since they have feathers as part of their iconography, I started thinking about Native Americans and their legends. The Hopi Kachina Dolls became my inspiration. It doesn't hurt that one of my favorite anime (Vandread) references kachina as well. The kachina dolls represent the "space brothers" (space marines) and Vandread calls one "the blue giant" (vandread Dita) so my band of space brothers are called The Blue Giants. I guess, to fit with 40k fluff, they would be a successor chapter to the Dark Angels, but only so I don't have to alter the iconography already sculpted onto the models.

The kachina dolls are all unique, but I didn't want to paint a chapter of individuals (that's what my kill team is), so I allowed heavy customization of their chapter colors. The more experienced they are, the more they're customized. Except for chapter and squad markings (shoulder pads and helmets), the brothers can paint their gear how they like, but sticking with the Hopi doll themes.

This force has not expanded beyond the DV box set.

The Terminators. As the elite veterans they are, their armor is heavily customized. I used googled kachina dolls for inspiration, but didn't paint any of them to match the dolls. I had toyed with the idea of making them the inspiration for the dolls (time traveling space marines?) but decided not to go that route.

And then there's the tactical squad from the box.

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