N18 Question about Hidden Enemy


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Feb 11, 2024
the rules on 2023 rulebook say that
Fighters in Hiding: The attacking model cannot target an enemy fighter if they are both Prone (either Pinned or Seriously Injured) and in partial or full cover – they are assumed to be keeping their head very low!

and that a Prone and Pinned fighter can do this action:
Crawl (Double): Wanting to stay low, close to the ground and hidden from enemy fire, the fighter crawls along the ground. The fighter may move up to half of their Movement characteristic.

In the old rule set of 2000s there was the chance to detect an enemy if he was in range on initiative. In the new rulset of 2023 i can't find a similar rule.

Stating this a fighter could arrive in charge range to an enemy without the opposing could shot him.

Do you know if there is a rule tha make spot an hiding enemy?
There are no rules to spot enemies like the olden times. Pros are as you already said, move around without being shot. Except the cons! Blast/Template ignore this (in addition to almost all other targeting rules). Even without that, it is still possible to maneuver in such a way to get a clear shot without intervening terrain. It is super slow (half speed), can't do anything else than move what - 2.5" on average? Need to spend an activation standing up (unless having that agility skill), which gives you the time to either shoot the crawler and/or move out of charge range. Let me know how that tactic works!
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Thanks for the reply.
yes i immagined that the only way was to outmanoverig, as the enemy move only half move.

I wanted only to be sure that i didn't miss any rule (blessed time the old times :) )
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It seems to be especially intended to give some protection against focused fire - once your fighter has been shot at and hit, they are knocked prone and, if in cover, now cannot be shot at further until they are up. So no having the whole gang shoot at the same fighter over and over and over until they go out, unless they are out in the open. Knockback can be quite useful to prevent that, I have discovered, on a good roll to hit, by pushing the now-pinned fighter back from the cover, before knocking them over. [On the other hand, I have also discovered that knockback can do a good job of stealing my fighters' xp, by knocking opponents into a fall instead of putting them down or out.]
You get the XP for knocking fighters to fall!
That depends entirely on how your local group interprets that. Ours does not consider "webbed" to be "Seriously Injured" for xp, and don't consider someone falling to be a directly caused injury for xp.

After all, it's been debated without any official resolution since like 1995, so no surprise that every group makes the call as best suits.
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don't consider someone falling to be a directly caused injury for xp.
That's how we always do it too. There is no telling where in the chain of events one's action can be seen as 'direct casue', so you try to read the rules as written and interpret them how you (at that moment) feel sounds reasonable. There is another recent topic about knockback and XP, where the consensus seemed to be that you do not gain XP becasue of someone's knockback put them in a situation where something else happened which resulted in them becoming injured (like fall damage). I'd be OK with either interpretation - if, nowadays, you said in court: Dear judge, I'm not to blame for this person's death, which resulted from them falling out of the window, I only shot them in the shoulder, while they were standing on front of it.... Yeah, that would not hold up as defense, I think ;)