N18 Question: Scenario items compilation

Hi there,

I'm on a major terrain and marker/token building spree at the moment. I'd like to have physical markers for all the many objectives and points of interest in the various scenarios.
Does anyone have, or know where to find, a compilation of all the special items and markers needed for all the Necromunda scenarios in the official books?
(You know, stuff like the gang relic, captured gangers, tunnel entrances, etc. that are described in all the scenarios and their suggested/mandated sizes.)
Thank you in advance for any help!
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Mar 31, 2017
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Sadly no such thing for most of those. You have to convert them yourself!
Underhive box had Gang relic, doors, boobytraps, loot boxes, monster (tentacle marker), priority marker. Most of those can be proxied with a simple D6.


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Mar 1, 2017
I think he's after a list to scratch build.
Certainly Relic, generic plus Gang specific ones.
Both House of Chains and Blades have gang specific terrain, but I'd need to go look them up.

Loot boxes, Ammo crates & Booby traps are always useful. Food crates have been handy in our house campaign scenarios
Tentacle markers plus a bigger "It came from the deep type monster" especially if you still play the older Monster hunter scenario.

Downtown dust-up requires hive dwellers, also Agent for Escort mission.

Ghast harvest requires some Shrooms or Shrubbery, depending how you go with that.

Door access terminals are definitely handy
A vault style door to distinguish it from regular doors. Certainly the one thing I'd like to get from the new stronghold terrain set.

Sabotage scenario & similar - A nice selection of important Macguffin objectives like Doctors chair, machinery piece, Gung tank but that thing is simply too high. Also Main central computer style access terminals.

Bridge from Toll bridge

Zombies, plague/brainleaf just always good to have zombies

Vehicle from Caravan Heist

Ambot or Automata from Archaeo Hunters
Murder Cyborg

Stuff from Book of Peril?
Not scenario specific but it has a list of industrial terrain such as service hatches, Smokestacks, Carnivorous plants -this one might be in a scenario I'll need to check.. other items are in qbadzones battlefields and events. Both seem underused but I really like the event cards, more so than generic terrain rules or the badzone terrain features

Not in a scenario yet ideas - Archeotech, Big power switch, or generator, Corpse grinder meat vat... Enforcer Cells?


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Dec 29, 2017
You also have possessed demonic monsters or other sump monsters, could be converted from Genestealer or similar.