N18 Quick Reinforcements Question.


Mar 14, 2024
Just a little confused on how Bottle Tests and Reinforcements interact with each other, and the FAQ didn't really clear it up.

When a Bottle check is made the target is the number of models in the Starting Crew. I'm not sure, but Reinforcements don't Increase that target number when they join the fight per the FAQ. What I'm unclear about is do they contribute to the count when a Bottle Test is made if they are Prone/Injured/OOA? It seems like it almost punishes the player bringing in reinforcements and the opponent dealing with them.

Couldn't find anything similar like how Exotic Beasts don't count toward the Starting Crew or contribute toward the Bottle Test roll. So that leads me to believe that they do add to the body count when the Bottle Test comes up making it easier to fail.
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