N18 Reaction attacks in multiple combat


Dec 1, 2021
Hi all,
First off this is theoretical but I can't seem to find an answer that doesn't seem "off".
So a Wyld Runner (I know, but I like them) and her 3 pets activate as a quasi group activation.
They are all within easy charge range of the CC enemy that just gibbed their sister.
As per the group activation rules they activate one at a time so they take it in turns to charge at and fight Mr Gibbs.
My question is this.
Does Mr Gibbs get to react and inevitably muller each one after every fight action, using his full compliment of 3 attacks? This seems to be RAW.
Or does he have to wait until all 4 of the Escher have completed their attacks before he gets to react?
OR, could he choose to split his reaction attacks up after successive fights (eg cat 1, 1 reaction attack, cat 2, 1 reaction attack, cat 3, nothing, runner, 1 reaction attack)?
Option one feels like he'll be waving a sword/weapon around like the Tasmanian devil, effectively throwing out 16 attacks in the turn (including his initial charge).
Option two seems like the most logical option (to me) as it reduces the amount of reaction attacks back down to within the fighters parameters but feels a bit "gamey".
Option three is a little overcomplex and sounds a bit D&D5e with selecting when its used but again, reduces the amount of reaction attacks making multiple combat via group activation less suicidal (which attacking in numbers is meant to do :p)
Anywho, thoughts please, I might be missing something altogether but if option one is correct and RAI it makes all pets a little less useful and the Wyld Runner even more pointless (but I'm STILL taking 2 :D)