Realm of chaos, path to glory, the lost and the damned/slaves to darkness joint romp


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Oct 24, 2013
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@MancInventor Nurgle
@Karandrassh Tzeentch
@CaptainDangerous Slaanesh
@Ardavion Khorne
@Scavvierising Slaanesh
@Tiny Tzeentch
@Clockwork Slaanesh
@Stoof Tzeentch
@Biggle_Bear Khorne
@headcase14 Undivided
@Resmire Slaanesh
@Ironslag69 Nurgle
@radulykan Undivided
@Connan45 Khorne
@Punktaku Tzeentch
@Pagumb Undivided
@DarkMouse Nurgle
@spafe tzeentch
@BearsWillEatYou Undivided
At tribemeet various sacrifices and rituals were completed, the above chaos worshippers and myself rolled up warbands using the old tomes, our modelling progress will appear here where we will all get our warbands finished by the next tribemeet
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Here’s what I’ve rolled up.

Addendum: also spent his paltry 6gp on a magic item; a daemon sword containing the bound essence of his daemon prince brother (a lvl 5 chaos dwarf with some strangely similar attributes (flamer arm, horror arms, daemon weapon plus some other things I wrote on the back of the sheet). Bargain.
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My list:

Chaos Dwarf Lord of Khorne w/ Regeneration, Hand of Khorne, Spit Acid, Cloud of Flies, Invisibility, Chaos Armour, Collar of Khorne, wielding a Daemon Axe containing a Bloodthirster.

6 beastmen
7 beastmen with claws and lizard tails
3 Atrophied Cultists
5 Chaos Goblins
1 Pseudo-Demonised Chaos Warrior w/Face of Khorne
1 Strong, Furry, Immune to Magic Chaos Spawn w/ 5 Arms and 3 Flesh Hound Heads with Horns.

Big hobby project, and that's just the chaos spawn.
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The Invisibility will make him much easier to model at least...
Unfortunately I would still need to have a model to represent where he is on the board; taking photos of where he is when everyone else's back is turned, then taking him off the board. Probably going to be quite the hassle, but it's what was rolled (at least it was the best roll when we kept trying to find something better to model and kept rolling worse).
My champion of the god Tzeentch is lvl5 wizard w/ A huge head of a lord of change, with a withering gaze, and a vampire, Rotting flesh, a hand mutated into a bolt pistol, a talismanic Standard, arcane bodkins and finally a hand weapon

1 Troll w/ Long legs and cloud of flies
5 Dark Elves
1 Wizard lvl 15 w/ Magic Item Doom Sounder Magical instrument, Rune of Tzeentch Horny one, Flaming skull Face, Albino, Long nose 🤔
8 Human w/ Scorpion tails
10 Wolves
7 Humans w/ Burning bodies
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I got a human (and not a Chaos Dwarf which is what I really wanted but is what everyone else got)
Devoted to Nurgle:

Rancorus Blightcyst
M:4 WS:3 BS:3 S:3 T:6 W:1 I:2 A:1 Ld:7 Int:7 Cl:7 Wp:7

Mark of Nurgle (Obvs) (+1T)
Nurgle’s Rot
immensity (+2T, -1I), large size.
Bestial face (face of a beast of nurgle with rearranged features) +2 fear points
D6 Sucker attacks - tentacles (which, from now on, I will pronounce ten-ta-clay)
1 chaos goblin with powerful legs
1 chaos goblin with short(er) legs
11 giant wolves
5 beastmen

do I get a magic item or was that for someone that isn’t loathed by the dice gods?
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Yeah your rolls kind’ve sucked lol. We gave Daves singular chaos goblin an attribute which ended up being duplication so we gave him an extra goblin and they both got rolls on the attributes table.
No chaos weapon for you, hopefully you’ll get one after the first game?
Lord Suoregnad’s path to glory:
(as decifered from the ancient scroll of Sunday)

m:8 ws:3 bs:3 s:4 t:2 w:1 I:5 a:2 Ld:7 int:7 cl:7 wp:10
Base line human
crossbreed -fiend mother
glossy/colourful fur
horns of slanesh - gore attack
bird feet (half toughness)
CHAOS LORD - +2 rolls on minion table, Chaos Armour, Deamon Sword ‘The Captain’ -bound Keeper of Secrets, +6 to hit, absorbs power from kills, 5 spells.

The first born son of the unholy coupling between fiend and man, Suoregnad stole his fathers sword and set off on his quest for power and pleasure. The swords true name is unknown, but refers to itself as ‘the Captain’ and is the driving force behind Suoregnads ambitions, including being stolen in the first place. The only thing Souregnad loves more than himself, is his love for his mother.

* 3 goblins - light armour, bow
* Human Wizard (Fumblemore the Sexy) - level 5, hand weapon
* 6 Hobgoblins - light armour, shield, spears.
* 9 Human Cultists - tentacles, light armour, shield, hand weapons
* 9 Beastmen - light armour, Shield, 2 handed weapons
* 6 orcs - light armour, shield, Spears.

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I have joined the madness...

This is going to be an... uh... interesing modelling opportunity, as you'll find as you read on...

Level 5 Dark Elf Wizard
55443 (6!)161 (2)810+110+19+1
+2 Fear Points
With a Magical Item - A Hellfire Banner
Sporting Cloven hooves! Which means I can't wear nice boots but has no other effect.
Resilient - T+1, +10 to any Disease checks
Blood of Molten Metal (seems inconvenient) - T+2 (nice), an opponent that hits me takes a S3 hit as molten metal sprays at them (ha!), when I bleed I set everything flammable within 2"/4 yards on fire, and if I'm killed I EXPLODE hitting anything within 5"/10 yards with an S4 hit. The Warhammer equivalent of the end of Leon (spoilers...).

And now for the fun part...
Face of a Lord of Change (cool) - Gains a bite attack, gains a fear point.
Face of a Horror (I've chosen pink)...
Face of a Flamer of Tzeench... (gain fear point)
...yup. Three faces. I'm thinking a front Lord of Change face and one on each side. I suspect I'll have to sculpt that bit!

And who's follwing this pretty boy then?
9 Humans with ninja-like agility (+2 Initiative)
1 Chaos Warrior Thug (potentially with stuff we aren't sure yet)
3 Harpies
7 Beastmen

What a crew!
Bygol, the bear hound

Backstory: don't mention his height. He's really sensitive about it.

Human hero level 5
Mark of khorne
Aggression bonus
Chaos armour
Face of a flesh hound
Tiny, shrivelled up legs

Troll with horns
8 beastmen
2 humans
8 skaven with powerful legs
1 dark elf
Maponos Boglips (I rolled the name) dark elf and servant of Slaanesh.

Raised in the city of despair Karond Kar and born to the lower merchant classes In a city where any vice is available for a price. He was ripe for recruitment to one of the many Slaaneshi covens that call the city home. Most covens are little more than private clubs and secret societies that pay lip service to the prince of pleasure at feasts and orgies. At such meetings business is as high on the agenda as pleasure.

It was at one such meeting that Maponos earned the epithet Boglips. A noble woman many rungs higher on the social ladder claimed his touch was so cold and lifeless that she might as well be kissing the porcelain rim of a privy. With druchii society being as it is and his low place in it the name Boglips soon began to spread.

In truth Maponos had little time for the "distractions" at these meetings and was there to be at the table with to the biggest slave traders in the city. With his standing at the coven reduced he needed to raise his status in other ways. Performing menial tasks such as procuring the finest slaves, wine and gladiators for the revelries.
When the coven matriarch birthed a mutant, Maponos was tasked with its disposal. Instead of killing the babe outright, Maponos took pity and resolved to take him to the forest for the beasts.

After placing the mutant in a glade a few miles outside the city. He took watch from the undergrowth after a few hours the beasts emerged. Upon sight of such majestic creatures. All brute muscle and soft fur. Something awoke within the dark elf, a longing that had not been present in the company of the noble woman of the coven. Revealing himself the beasts with little thought of his safety. Maponos pleaded with the beasts to take him with them. What bargains were struck have been unrecorded to history (thankfully). It did not take long before the patrols around Ghrond soon learned to fear the name Maponos Boglips. For he'd risen far in the herd and was soon leading it.

He had taken the name Boglips to heart. Without it he would not have found his true calling. Never been forced to take such menial roles to earn his place at the table. Trapped in the gilded cage to that is high society instead of running free with the beast. Hunting and rutting in its most raw and primal form. Taking what he saw fit to instead of bound by the rules and etiquette of the coven. It is pleasure unbound

Now the call of Slaanesh grows stronger and the chaos wastes beckon. Glory in the princes name awaits if he can live long enough to claim it. Or is this just another step along the path to spawndom.

Dark elf level 10 hero
mark of Slaanesh +1 WP

levitation, 2d10 levitation points per game.
feathery hide, cosmetic.
illusion of normality, fear affects only become visible in CC.
Face of a daemonette, cosmetic.
Combat familiar with puny and uncontrollable flatulence with poison affect.
Been holding off on my own warband as I wanted to find an old memory stick with a load of warbands on but I can’t seem to find it.
Have given up and rolled an undivided beastman warband

79 - Hero level 10
5 attributes hates humans fast massive intellect additional eye strength
Undivided-chaos reward chaos armour +1 attribute magic immune

49 - level 5 beastman hero- pseudo daemon hood, scorpion tail, 3 beastmen followers

83-dragon ogres 1

63- Shaman -level 15 favoured by tzeentch and slaanesh -4 attributes brightly patterned skin (dark zebra stripes) bestial face-eagle, acid excretion, hunch back

18 - 8 beastmen with mark of a god not applicable bow or spear plus normal equipment

Edit- it was pointed out that beastmen can get attributes as well, the 8 got multiple arms, the 3 got zilchio
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