Realm of chaos, path to glory, the lost and the damned/slaves to darkness joint romp

And lo, did the almighty tzeentch gift unto thee the finest of schemers, of power hungry mortals, of terrifying wickedness, a mighty one legged dark elf with regular stats, the face of tzeentch himself, wings, his leg is overgrown and 4 times bigger than usual, with incredible strength.

He is not alone in his quest for glory, for he has 4 chaos goblins and 9 beastmen with multiple arms, extra horns and a silly walk, as they ape their masters one legged hop.

This... will be interesting to try and create

for my own ease of reference, the beastmen are armed light armour, shield and either hand weapon or 2 handed weapon. The goblins are armed with light armour, and either a shield and hand weapon or a bow.

The elf has 3 gold to spend, so will likely take a halberd and a shield or take light armour and a hand weapon, not sure yet will depend on how the model looks once I find a suitable base.
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Question for you @radulykan , do the 9 beastman have to be the same group, or can I do 4 with 2handed weapons and 5 with HW and shield?
Work is progressing. Beard needs a few more tongues adding and his loincloth needs more loinclothing.

Well, that way too I guess…
They’re short but broad!

And this is my Wizard (before). I now have to figure out how to model his mutations. They’re not nearly as extensive as other player’s champions, but my green stuff technique is seriously stunted.
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