Realm of chaos, path to glory, the lost and the damned/slaves to darkness joint romp

I went with a bit of plastic rod. Can’t really see it, but I did manage to add nostrils to his nose…. A little bit Pinocchio, a little bit Steve Martin in Roxanne.
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Teaser: The beginnings of Suoregnad!

He is already made completely, but iv not gotten a picture yet, Fumblemore the Sexy has had an update, and iv assembled my 9 long legged beastmen! Hopefully will get pic’d and posted sometime today!
CHAOS LORD SUOREGNAD, the Half Bred Narcissist, Sexy Pervert of Slaanesh (and his Daemon Sword ‘the captain’)

Fumblemore the Sexy

The Sexy Beast(men)

Unlike most other Champions, Suoregnad was born this way and has had quite the education growing up in the Chaos Realm! Although discouraged by his Daemon mother, Suoregnad always made time to play with the local beastmen, they are the first of his followers!

Suoregnad First met Fumblemore when the wizard was trying to sell him the book ‘Pocket sized Book of magical chat up lines’ however, Suoregnad wasn’t willing to pay 2 souls for such garbage! Fumblemore still has the book, but since obtaining The Captain, Suoregnad has befriended the desperate half rate wizard and tasked him with creating portals and Summoning Mortals!

Nothin’ like a good ol’ ritual Sky Beam in the mornin’!

Successful print, one of the claws broke off whilst I was clipping the supports but nothing super glue can’t fix! I had some spare round bases that he fits on very nicely so that’s circle bases decided on for everyone else. I’m actually tempted to try him 10% bigger, but I’m going to have a think first.

Either way a spot of greenstuff will be required next, I think he needs some armoured tabards and a tongue for his lick attack that my very poor CAD skills have no chance of providing 🤣


Either way a spot of greenstuff will be required next, I think he needs some armoured tabards and a tongue for his lick attack that my very poor CAD skills have no chance of providing 🤣
Maybe a tyranid tentacle or a whip bit for the tongue if there are any lying about?
I’m posting here to keep you all motivated 🤣

Tyrion Lickspitter Update

I’ve made my own shields complete with Slaanesh logo helpfully provided by @radulykan

Then I found a suitable tentacled shrine for the flying base.

Whilst that’s printing I then stole a placemat for the base and spent time thinking about the display base and positions….

And finally I spent some money on a banner for one of the Beastmen to carry (I’ve since found a very similar free STL 😢)


A short while later…..

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I do believe that is our first fully completed champion, imagine if there was some sort of entity out there that could reward its followers with extra gifts for besting all the other champions……. 😀

The gaze of Tzeentch settles upon Lord Cackle’s magnificent newly finished form and from the ground around him a tiny burning hand shoots up, followed by another, the two arms pull themselves and the small body of a magic power familiar out of the mud, it flaps its wings and flutters around until it lands on Lord Cackle’s shoulder and begins whispering in his ear………..

Magical power familiar with wings.
9 power points
Burning body
Warty skin
Long spines
Breathes fire
Vividly coloured skin
Progress on my six armed normal human champion and most of her followers. Ordered bare chaos heads for the warriors plus shields and hand weapons. Also found a fifth static halberd beastman to represent them when they are non-frenzied. Need to plan out the frenzied versions since they have wings, extra joints and tentacles. Bought a years old pack of shields from my FLGS for the backs of my orc archers. Basing paint job plan will come from Goonhammer article so paints have been purchased as well.

Going to have to think a bit on backstory to see if it inspires any terrain/monolith/display board ideas...