Realm of chaos, path to glory, the lost and the damned/slaves to darkness joint romp

Oops! Posted this in the wrong thread. My chaos dwarf wizard and his core of chaos dwarf followers. The wizard is red thanks to Transparent Skin. I’m planning on attempting to paint him up like the Colossal Titan from Attack on Titan. I’m just wondering how to pull it off because he also has the Featureless Face mutation. The dwarves are brown because their plate isn’t metal. It’s boiled leather, because they have light armor instead of heavy armor.
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Turns out newer chaos warrior bits are not as chunky as my older base model warriors so i ended up just cutting down 7 of the halberds and making them into axes. Not perfect conversions but good enough. The newer bare heads are too small as well but I'm using them anyway. Maybe their heads shrink before expanding with blessed mutations?

We have sun after a few humid and rainy days so I should get what I have out for priming. I can start painting them while I figure out how do to the frenzied version of the beastmen.

The fifth, non-frenzied beastman escapes from the postal regional facility and assumes defacto leader status with his semi-armored Chaos warrior halberd arm. The chaos warrior has the first layer of Goblin Green from Valejo down on his base. He needs all of his washes and the base painting recipe finished to declare him done. Of course, he has no official place in the warband but after spending years in a box with those four beastmen it seemed a shame to leave him gray.

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I don’t at the moment. But as is (or could be), do you feel like this is working towards the “transparent skin” look?
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