ORB Recovering Weapons/Items from a character OOA


Nov 10, 2022

I'm learning the rules in N95 (ORB) etc; I played Confrontation years back, pre-N95. I know there are significant differences in comparing what I remember from Confrontation and how/what translates into N95. They are different games, I get that.

So there was one scenario/encounter in Confrontation which allowed characters during the game to recover weapons/items from a downed character (friend or foe).
It actually may have been a standard Confrontation rule at the time that was allowed in all games; I can't remember which way round it was.

Basically weapons/items could be recovered/collected from OOA characters during the game.

As a side note - we had house rules that applied in game to this...
- Characters couldn't just equip/use that recovered weapon/item unless your character was already equipped with similar type (Pistol, Basic, Heavy);
- So a character equipped with an Auto Pistol (Type Pistol) could pick up an Auto gun (Type Basic) from an OOA character, but not use it.

But getting back to the point;
- In-game weapons/items could be recovered/stolen; Post-game they could then be equipped/traded/added to stash.

1) Has anyone played a campaign in N95 with any rules similar to these?
2) Just interested in thoughts on how this would actually play out in a campaign - if it would break/unbalance the game or not?

- Rather than having to spend credits/trade for weapons/items, gangs are instead looking to steal from other players every game?
- Forces you to spend the credits to re-equip any of your OOA characters that had weapons/items taken.
- More options to win/lose; You may have won/lost a scenario but additionally won/lost weapons etc. So for example although the scenario was lost, you recovered weapons of value. Like a minor win?
- Or worst case your gang becomes short on weapons?

Slightly related - back in the day the games I played didn't have a strict WYSIWYG on models, so didn't have to worry about constantly swapping out weapons from game to game etc.