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Reddit AMA with Andy Chambers

Discussion in 'Tribe News' started by Malo, Nov 17, 2017.

  1. Malo

    Malo YakTribe Mechanicum
    Staff Member Yak Founder

    One of the creators of many Games Workshop titles, Andy graced his presence on Reddit with this great AMA

  2. ClockworkOrange

    ClockworkOrange Executive Officer in charge of Trolling
    Staff Member Tribe Council Yak Comp 1st Place

    Good read - a man responsible for many happy hours, days, months, years? Of this nerds life.
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  3. Space Truckin

    Space Truckin Gang Hero
    Yak Supporter

    Thanks for posting this. Great read through although kinda sad in a way. Sad because it reminds me of those carefree happy days of being a juve. Nothing to do but build models and read gaming books over and over. The sad bit is it really highlights how much GW has lost the plot and lost a lot of great employees.

    Anyways not to derail. Really like what Andy had to say about his novels. Seem like they are unusually well thought out for a Black Library book. I have never read any of the Dark Eldar stuff - I might now.
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