N18 "Redemptionist Backers" as a linked racket and Cults

Lord Kharon

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Jan 12, 2013
Hey y'all. We will probably be house-ruling this ourselves, but I was wondering what conclusions people came to for Law and Misrule campaigns around cult gangs and controlling the Redemptionist Backers Racket.

So clear enough is the first part of :

"Special: Helot Cult, Genestealer Cult and Corpse Grinder Cult gangs may never claim this Racket. If they gain control of it, it becomes dormant until claimed by a different type of gang."

You cannot get the benefits of this racket if you are one of the cult gangs. However, you can still "control" it, even if it becomes dormant.
"Redemptionist backers" is a Linked Racket for the "Witch Seeking" Racket, and Rackets specify if you "control" the linked rackets, you gain the bonus effects. While A cult cannot USE the racket itself, does it seem a fair conclusion that they can gain the Linked Racket Boons for Witch Seeking, because they still control it?
Hey Perchik, welcome to the forum.

This is an interesting situation and not one I’ve come across before. I agree with your conclusion, they ‘control’ it but don’t get the boons. So, yes they do get the additional benefits from the linked rackets.

That seems fair and also makes thematic sense - the cult can con the redemptio, but only so far!
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