N18 Redemptionist-heavy Cawdor

Cawdor skill are nothing to write home about in line with thier stats but evisorator blunderpoles and chain axes rule.
The redemption weapons list is either bland, yay normal auto guns sarcasm, knarly, evisorator and chain axes grenade launcher, or comparative less useful than the standard fare although shotguns turn up.
Just because you want to go redemption does not mean your whole gang needs to be them. A trio of brethren with dirt cheap blunderpoles will do wonders and the rest of your gang can be flameheaded nutters. Blunderpoles rule.
If you can magnetise models the redemptionists can have thier arms cut behind the heavy gloves and the arms are big enough to take 2mm magnets easily enough.
While firepikes are a definite improvement to the flamer the blunderpole is just far more efficient for its cost.
Don't neglect getting some ablative armour for your bosses. Wait what do you mean bonepickers are juves and not ablative armour?!