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Jan 9, 2017
Hello dear community,

I am fairly new to the game, but I am ambitious and I want to do something.

I want to build my (Outcast) crew as all(most all) females. But bI do not like the aesthetic of the Escher, since they are a little flashy and ... impractical.

I absolutely adore the style of the dome runner model. That's a female I can imagine running around the underhive, not being flashy but being practical.

So here's my question:
What Models/Bitz/Company lines would you suggest I have a look at?

I found the "alternative models" thread and found a few leads, but rummaging through one old Webshop after the other has made me grimm and my outlook on life dark.

I am in Europe, if that helps you help me. And I am willing to give conversions including light greenstuffing a shot.

Can it really be that difficult to have some decent females on the board that don't wear BREASTplate or highheels? Help a brother (me is male) out, please. :)
I will shoot them, no matter the style. :p

The new outcasts box is a start, I guess. Maybe those new stargrave plastic sets? They usually also have "female" parts or even whole kits. (female barbarians, soldiers etc.)
Bad Squiddo is one thing to look at, as she's specialized in models of women.
StrongHold Terrain has some amazing Female Vikings. Those obviously are not very spacey, but the difference between "viking age" clothing and "underhive dirtpoor outcast rags" is not too big.
Hasslefree miniatures have loads of sci-fi and other females, many sculpted as practical, if you don't mind the possibility that if they mess up your order their customer service is non-existent.
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Maybe those new stargrave plastic sets? They usually also have "female" parts or even whole kits. (female barbarians, soldiers etc.)

The Crew and Mercenary boxes currently available are all-male, though there are female sets in the works. They don't normally mix sexes in a single set. That said, the Troopers kit includes some female heads (on the basis that heavily armoured women don't look that different from heavily armoured men).

All of these are likely a bit on the small side next to modern Necromunda miniatures though.
I’d second Hasslefree, but they’re not as heroic scaled as others, so may be a bit small (but then again, humans do come in a variety of sizes). Victoria minis has loads of beautiful models, but I’ve never ordered any.

I’d avoid Raging Heroes.. they’re beautiful models, but make the Escher look tame.
Hasslefree miniatures have loads of sci-fi and other females, many sculpted as practical, if you don't mind the possibility that if they mess up your order their customer service is non-existent.
Yeah, I have waited a month for little as much as a message that my order has been shipped. I sent several emails and received exactly zero replies. I have heard one of the owners is fighting some kind of long-term illness so they are one employee short (from like three employees, they are a family business), but that's not an excuse for customer support this bad.

Just something to be aware of, in case you decide to order from them. Some people say their order is fine and was shipped quickly, some never received theirs. Might be a hit or miss. Their minis are beautiful, though.


Reaper Miniatures might be worth looking at, but they have a huge load of sculptors working for them, so there isn't much of an artstyle consistency.
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Reaper does have some excellent female models, but they’re based in Texas so I didn’t suggest them. But since this side of the pond has been broken, Bombshell (also from Texas) has some lovely ladies. They’re a bit pin-up, but more practical than Escher and less hypersexual than Raging Heroes.
The new Wargames Atlantic release has female henchmen in very nondescript outfits, a lot of potential there. And if you want something a little more Ash Wastey
And the scale is much smaller.

Hello TopsyKretts,

I might object to this statement. I do own several Hasslefree miniatures, and they are not that all that small. Their famous Andreah model (far right) for example is perfectly suited to the new 32 mm range, while other miniatures are more suited to the old metal range :


Their sculpt is much finer than GW, way less chunky and more realistic, which is also why some may find them very small. As far as I'm concerned I always got my orders from them (even if, as stated, they won't ship in 48 hours). Their models are great and I bought several of them just for the sheer pleasure of having genuine miniatures (ie metal ones) without any specific project in mind.

Of course, if Wogister is intending to built a full gang from 32mm chunky plastic kits, he should be cautious regarding the size of some Hasslefree models, or he'll only get kids, or juves, or whatever they are called now.
This one from the mini exchange this year is a Hasslefree sculpt with an old Autopistol & chainsword. This is one of their smaller minis I think.

I think perhaps we're getting ourselves distracted from what was asked though.
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They have true scale instead of heroic scale. Try replacing the pistol on the left with a bolt pistol!
It depends on the figure, as I've got several resin and metal Hasslefree fantasy figures and the size varies, for instance Dwarfs closer to LotR sizes, but Elves okay and barbarians I've mixed in with 80s/90s Citadel metals. This is probably due to Kev's whims, though not as extreme as stuff from Reaper with size inconsistencies from the same sculptor on one range.
I'm a bit late to the party here, but I just ordered some Raging Heroes (Jailbirds) and they are great! The sculpts are super loud, but if you get a few of the more subdued ones I think they just about fit in with GW miniatures - perhaps as champions or leaders in the gang, or as bounty hunters.

Of course - if you don't want cheesecake then they are definitely not the best! And there are certain miniatures from that range you should definitely avoid.

I have spent a lot of time looking but have struggled to find Escher that are not overly sexualised, or at least with realistic proportions - GW are probably some of the better ones in that regard!
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I can't readily find something to link to, since they're not out yet, but Stargrave female crew are due next month.

Wargames Atlantic are releasing a female version of their Cannon Fodder kit soon as well.
They need some work but wyrd miniature through the breach female is a sort if steampunk look. But be aware the models are same height as warhammer but 99% of time skinny compared to. 🤷‍♂️