Regular Female Models

Shout out to hardcore miniature. Don't know them and they seem to be closed down but have/had some excellent female catachans:
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According to their Facebook account they were having problems with their site earlier in the year, supposedly to have been fixed June/July. Maybe they're still having issues? I don't necessarily think they're out of business though.
I wanted to make a vet guard team for kt using them, because they come with some specialist parts and equipment matching most of the stuff the official minis have (which indicates what special rules and abilities they have). But it got so Damn expensive getting about 20 of them to have different weapon options, it would be cheaper to buy a FW army box of krieg instead.
Reptilian overlords has a few. I really like this one:
I haven't gone back through the thread, but I know Stargrave models were mentioned. In case it hasn't been pointed out already, the female Mercs II kit is out now:

And, if they haven't been mentioned, Wargames Atlantic also do female Cannon Fodder 2:

I don't need whole boxes, but intend to pick up a sprue or two of each at some point. Haven't done it yet though, so can't comment on them first-hand.