Suggestion Remove Sticky of Outdated Threads in the Necromunda Subforum


Mar 9, 2017
There are 4 inquisimunda threads, an old Table Talks II thread, and "What ruleset do you use" is obsolete and needs a repost.

It is a lot to open up and scroll through because of how much screen space it takes up. I get you can minimize the section, but some of these don't seem as relevant anymore.
There's a bug with the theme I've been waiting for them to fix which separates the sticky section from the threads and allows that section to be collapsed. I'm going to harass them again as along with some other bugs in their add-ons they taking ages fixing anything.
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There hasn't been any issue with collapsing stickies, I pointed out in my original post that collapsing (minimizing) is available. What does stand out is that a decent number of the stickies don't seem relevant anymore.
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