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Apr 23, 2024
I have inherited my big brothers collection of NECROMUNDA pdf’s filled with everything from 1995 rule books up to homemade Event-cards and a lot of the more modern books..

Now I have been reading and watching Necromunda rules and battle reports for a week and I am still trying to rap my head around all the books you”need” to play and all the “unofficial“ / Yaktribe - material that is available. But I do need some help from a specialist to “acquire“ and understand everything.

My first and somewhat tricky question is ; Is the “official“ Yaktribe-Discord still a thing and how can I join?
(a few buzzards told me that it is the place to go to trade material and ask the real questions).

2nd. Question is a bit more daunting ; How do I find the latest iteration of the English Yaktribe-rule book?
(I have the 3 “Gang Showdown” books from the wonderful Russian guy who runs Barter-town 🤗, but they have no “serial-number” )

I also have :
The Ash Wastes By: Arbitrator General AKA Robert J. Reiner with help from Mark Mitchell (Thats a 128 page PDF. with all the “balanced” vehicle & Wastes -rules)
Then there’s a 10 page PDF. Called ; “STREAMLINED NECROMUNDA VEHICLE RULES” -Developed by Blood Donor.

I have NECROMUNDA -DARK UPRISING Rulebook on PDF. and NECROMUNDA -ASH WASTES (from 2022) Rulebook on PDF.

I also have all the “Modern” Gang-books and THE VAULTS OF TEMENDS on PDF.

What I really really need is the new NECROMUNDA Core Rulebook and BOOK OF THE OUTLANDS on PDF.

(I cross my fingers that someone in here or on the Yaktribe-Discord has any of these and are willing to trade me)

I hope my questions are ok and someone in here can send me a message if they can help me.

kind regards - A simple gas-guzzling Blood-Bag
welcome to the underhive.
someone who knows better than me is needed to answer your questions
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*Speaks loudly* There's no Yaktribe rulebook for the new version of Necromunda as that would be breaking all sorts of copyright/IP stuff and we'd get hammered - Yaktribe does not condone such naughtiness in any way shape or form.

*Speaks softly* That said, if you were to Google Necrodamus and download a compliation PDF you happened to find that is not hosted here, or someone were to send you a link without the knowledge of the site staff, that would be absolutely nothing to do with us.

Oh, and welcome to YakTribe!
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