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Discussion in 'Battlefleet Gothic' started by Mongooser, Feb 18, 2019.

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    Well this is the first post in a series of posts that I'll be giving as we attempt to kick off a BFG group in Jacksonville FL.

    (btw if anyone here is IN Jacksonville and interested in playing BFG just send me a message or even meet up at the GW on a Friday or Saturday. Someone will probably be able to tell you who you're looking for. ;))

    So R and I have been working on learning the rules. We don't have much time to devote to it so we've been slowly escalating our matches. We started off with Cruiser Clash (Lunar and Gothic vs Double Carnage) with the Imperium pulling off the win in round 8.

    The second game though is where things went pear-shaped.

    Through random dice roll (1-2 = Eldar, 3-4 Space Marines, 5-6 Imperium) it ended up being R's 600 pts of Chaos vs my 600 pts of Eldar. This was both our first match using Eldar and our first match using escorts, so we were probably trying to learn too many rules at once.

    Eldar won... but barely. And apparently we really need to pay attention to the rules a lot more.

    The first issue was misreading how Holofields interact with batteries. For the first combat we did the save WITH the right shift. We fixed that though. But we then totally missed the OTHER piece of glass in the Eldar glass cannon.

    We totally missed the Critical Damage on a 4+ line in the rules. :oops:

    The Eldar (and by extension myself in this case) are apparently cheating bastards. End result is that next time I see R I have to admit that I screwed up.

    Luckily we were just chocking the whole thing up to learning anyway, but still.

    Oh well. Lesson learned.

    Hit me up in this thread as we hear about the trials and tribulations of getting people interested in a game that we haven't quite learned yet.

    P.S. expect photos of fleets to randomly start appearing in this thread as I finally square away my new apartment and have a chance to start painting and assembling.

    - The Mongoose
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    ooo this will be a good thread. And yes the space cowards are finicky in their rules (and jsut about everything!). @The Duke is a veteran space coward, and can attest to that!
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  3. Mongooser

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    Working on making Fleet lists for the various factions we'll be playing. Each faction will have its own rules just for them so you don't have to search through the Rulebook, Armada, 2010 FAQ, and the Additional Ships Comprendium just to find your ships and rules, and changes.

    Already made (and uploaded) my Comprehensive Chaos Fleet List and my Carcharodons Fleet List to the Vault.
  4. Mongooser

    Mongooser Juve

    Eldar lists are up in the vault...only one file, because...reasons?
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  5. Mongooser

    Mongooser Juve

    Space Marine Fleet List is up in the vault. Worked it up so that it looks slightly cleaner than my Carcharodons list (which I will probably go back to eventually) and took out the repeated Strike Cruiser profile. Did you want to use Space Wolves in BFG but didn't have a specific list for them or unique ships? Then this list is for you!
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