N18 Rescue Mission and Cawdor Tactics Card Apostates


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Oct 7, 2011
I'm going to play a "Rescue Mission" soon against a Cardow gang and I will be the attacker. According to the scenario rules, the defender can play Tactic Cards only after the alarm was raised. Given the other player draws the Tactic Card "Apostates" (play before deployment, gain 3 additional Bonepicker, can exeed the starting-crew size in the scenario). Can that card be played somehow (maybe after the alarm has been raised - or before deployment) or is it basically useless in this scenario?

So basically: Can Tactic Cards that are played before deployment be played in Rescue Mission, by the defender, before the alarm has been raised?
My interpretation is that the card cannot be played (by the defender) because before the deployment the alarm is not raise and when the alarm has been raised it is too late to play the card.
In the sense of fair play I would allow the other player to redraw or to play the card after the alarm has been raised and add the Bonepickers to the reserve.

How do you see it?
probably add the bonepickers to the reserves.
problem is i think they need to stay within a couple of inches of the leader at all times:unsure:
Simplest is can't be used in this scenario. Forces people to vary their tactics. Everyone has plenty of cards to choose from.
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Thanks for the answers. I forgot that the Juves have to stay near a Champion.
So I also agree this card cannot be used. Even if the Cawdor player will hate this. :)