N18 Rescue Mission (we all know it sucks, help!)

Kiro The Avenger

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Apr 4, 2018
Bristol, UK
Since when have they playtested anything in Necromunda? :/

I think the problem is Necromunda is so expansive that the tiny specialist games team can't playtest everything they produce, or even give every rule a long think for the possible implications.

Unfortunately, in spite of this they print the books in fancy hardbacks as they are and never give us an FAQ.

A much better way of doing things would be to release the rules first as a free, open, and living ruleset.
After the new rules have been up for s few months they can travel through the long list of issues posted across the community, fix them, THEN print the fancy hardbacks.
It's how a lot of companies run their rules, and they still sell the rulebooks.
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Apr 4, 2017
Connecticut, USA
as a thread reader who hasn’t played N18 yet, may i make a suggestion? “tiered rewards”

Enemy frees themselves: -1 rep
Enemy makes it off the table: -1 rep
Enemy is never freed: +1 rep OR -1 rep to attacker.

So if the captive frees themselves AND get off the table, that’s -2 rep. If their gang frees them AND they get off the table, that’s only -1 rep.


Apr 13, 2019
I am almost inclined to think that the scenario was initially just a reprising of the original, but then self-rescue was added in after, without real playtesting of its effects. Almost.
This is what I came here to ask. I had older version of Comprehensive Rulebook and after I read the new rules I was like: is the self-rescue really worth it?

Kiro The Avenger

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Apr 4, 2018
Bristol, UK
When attempting self rescue, a S3 fighter is twice as likely to escape and free themselves than they are to injure themselves (1/12 injure Vs 1/6 escape).
Additionally, they only have to free themselves once, whereas they need 3 fleshwounds before they truly 'fail'.

The issue isn't reputation, especially in Dominion reputation is largely meaningless.
The issue is whether or not you get to keep the captive, which is the whole point of the mission.
As far as the defender is concerned, if the captive is returned to their gang they've failed. And right now, there's literally nothing the defender can do to prevent the captive freeing themselves.