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Discussion in 'Scenarios & Tactics' started by Kurdice, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. Kurdice

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    I just played the Rescue Mission scenario and thought it was a bit strange. In the game he untied the captive but I then took the released captive out of action and forced him to bottle out. Is this a win for my opponent? I feel like there's a lot of ways the attacker could always end up winning without giving the defender a chance. I feel like it'd make more sense if the attacker wins if he can get his freed captive off the board but if he just frees the captive then bottles out it would be a loss (his character since untied would be back in his gang). Am i way off base here or am i missing something?

    I thought in Gorkamorka and the original Necromunda you had to make it off the table with them.
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    I think many people houserule the rescue, in general. On pages 5-7 in this subforum there are a slew of threads about rescues and how it's handled. Including links to alternative scenarios for rescuing, which are supposedly good fun.
    My advice would be for your group to agree what seems reasonable for you, or look at alternatives. Not much help, I know, but everyone does it differently (more or less...).
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    Agreed, we have our own rules about Capture Scenarios which depend upon our opponents.

    When playing against novice opponents it’s enough to simply reach the captive, whilst when playing against season players, a model has to spend an entire turn “freeing” the captive, then the captive must make it off the board.

    If we’re playing against a REALLY good opponent, the captive has to get his equipment once freed, THEN get off the board.

    It’s really up to you how you want to play it.
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    One thing that our group house ruled in NCE was that neither gang can voluntarily bottle on a rescue mission. The defender is on home territory, while the attacker is seeking to spare their fighter a life of miserable slavery or worse...

    This meant that you had to rescue the captive and leave the table base edge to win.
  5. Azzabat

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    That can be risky ... and fun.

    I (Delaque) played a Rescue scenario once with my “Arch Enemy” Ross and his Cawdor. It was a real Blood Bath/Grudge Match that neither of us was going to Bottle on. We started with 24 Miniatures on the table (11 and 13 respectively) and it went down to the last 2 Miniatures, 1 on each side. Everyone else was either down or out of action.

    We ended up with a draw and the post battle sequence with 3 Gangers dying, numerous injuries ... and 1 from each side being captured!

    An Epic, never likely to be repeated game.
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