N18 Returning to Necromunda, with a (custom) cyberized/cyborg gang


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Jan 30, 2021
Hey gang(ers).

I used to play the original Necromunda with my brother and his friends when I was a teenager, so about 20-isch years ago (Wow, I feel old now)
I only played as Orlocks, but my brother played both Ratskin and later the gang that lived outside the Hive or something, the ones with the respirators, which I actually had wanted to play to be honest.

For some reason I been drawn to start playing a miniature game again and of course I thought of Necromunda first (also played 40k)

But this time I want to play a gang more to heart of what I'm about, but there is not really a house I like currently, so I'm probably going for a custom gang.
I know there are rules for both Hired Guns and Venators but both options don't fit as much as I would like (or I don't understand them fully)

In that case, like I said, my gang would be more to heart with what I'm passionate about.
So basically I want a gang of seriously cyberized cyborgs and transhumans/posthumans.
I don't think Van Saar really fit that wish as I want more of crazy cyborg junkies or post/transhumans that live and breath machine and flesh mixed together.

I like the monstrous absurdity of Ortruum 8-8, more of a "thing" than a man and also devoid of gender/sex, so I would like that character or miniature in my gang in one way or another. Also looked at Belladonna, as a Hired Gun or a custom character, but as my idea evolved I actually don't think she's cyberized/cyborg enough.

Like I said, been away from GW Games for a long time so didn't know that Adeptus Mechanicus existed until some days ago.From what I understand it, they are the most like cyborgs in 40k universe that have miniatures currently available?

I found the Sicarian Infiltrators more fitting for what I'm after, cyborgs with almost no flesh remaining, but still human.
So I was thinking about incorporating a couple of those miniatures with my gang and maybe customize them a bit with weapons more fitting for Necromunda.

When I read about Venators I was a bit disappointed that they specifically don't have any juves.
I think for me, it would be more fun with juves on my gang too, also for a cyborg gang they fit quite good also I would argue, juves could simply be much less augmented humans that just joined my gang and it's cyborg philosophie/culture, but as they prove themself and gain experience, they become less and less flesh and more machine.

I also read that Hired Guns don't gain XP and can't be customized and if I count the Ortruum 8-8 as a Hired Gun that would feel a bit odd and disappointing, especially if I would choice them/it as the leader or a champion..

So what are your thoughts?
I will probably mostly be playing with my partner and my brother so house rules would not be a problem as long as they are fair, what are my options?
Jan 1, 2021
From a game mechanics point of view, if you want cyborgs/transhumans, nothing is (currently) offically more cyber than Van Saar whose special bonus rules are literally called "Cyberteknika" to make Bionic Men. As you're playing in a small group, there's nothing to say that you couldn't sub in Ad Mech models for Van Saar, and I imagine tht larger groups would't have a problem either.
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Aug 3, 2016
Depends on if you are completely sold on the new rules. If you're only playing with 2 other people, as opposed to heading to a gaming club or store. You could always go old school and play either pit fighters or spyrer hunters with the older ruleset.

Yaktribe is host to the community edition known as NCE also NCE outlanders exists for the to above mentioned gangs.