Road to Redemption

Road to Redemption [Paid] 2020-03-24

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Road to Redemption - Zeke of House Cawdor is on a crusade of vengeance.

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Zeke of House Cawdor is on a crusade of vengeance. His entire world has been burned down, and he'll stop at nothing to get those responsible – even it means facing his own troubled past.

See what happens when the firebrands of House Cawdor step into the spotlight in a tale of faith, fury and lots of fire!

From within the hives of Necromunda, where unchecked billions teem and fester, House Cawdor knows the truth –...

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This was my second Necromunda book, and I enjoyed it. A good plot, with lots of inter-gang co-operation, but I felt the ending was a bit of a let down — there is a slight twist but, for all the build-up, it finishes very quickly, and what could have been an epic battle felt rushed.
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