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Discussion in 'GorkaMorka' started by Crowbarr, Jun 12, 2018.

  1. Crowbarr

    Crowbarr Juve

    As the title says, I’ve made a Viking themed ork team, but I’m wondering if I should allow them to use grenades or any big guns?

    Currently they all have choppas and spears, with the only ranged weapon being bows, crossbows and spears thrown.

    I’m tempted to allow harpoon guns and scorchas but krak and frags seem....not right.

    Any cool ideas? Currently they sail on trakks that look like Viking ships with ladders to board, and have boars as bikes. They’re gonna be weak as piss long range, even with a small group of grot/digga archers.

    Feel free to throw me suggestions!
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  2. Azzabat

    Azzabat Hive Guilder
    Tribe Council Yak Comp 1st Place

    Have you got any pictures? I’d love to see these Boyz in action.

    I suppose you could always use grenades, but re-label them something more Viking. Buzz Bombz or Squig Bombz for the grenades. Same effect but clay pots filled with buzzer squids.
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  3. Crowbarr

    Crowbarr Juve

    I had them on the Facebook gorkamorka page but my second account was “temporarily closed” while I had to upload a picture of myself so they can confirm I am who I am. If that doesn’t smell like an invasion of privacy.....ahhh whatever I’ll get up and take a few pics, the ships aren’t made yet but the mob is 90% done, just gotta finish the nob.
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  4. Crowbarr

    Crowbarr Juve

    There’s a few more in my gallery, I have never uploaded images before so please let me know if I’ve done something wrong, or how to rotate images. The mob is about 90% some, nob unfinished. Vehicles not yet done.
  5. Ben_S

    Ben_S Hive Guilder
    Honored Tribesman

    I think I'd seen some of those on FB, but this is a much better platform for sharing pictures of your models.

    Do you have your vehicles done yet? They sound cool.
  6. Crowbarr

    Crowbarr Juve

    Ive 3D printed one but it came out wrong, I’ve got another designed in 3Ds max, just need to print it this Thursday and then slap a bunch of shields, ladders and rowers on it. Not sure exactly how I’m doing it yet, but the bottom half will be open or exposed enough to show 6-8 human/ork slaves rowing the ship. I’m looking for like a mesh or maybe jail bars to make them clearly imprisoned but visible. Also will have an ork drummer sitting below giving them a beat to row to.

    Probably will have wheels on the ship too. Not sure. Front ladder will look like the typical Viking front bit, with some sort of gork symbol on the top. As for sails I’m not sure, a ladder each side might make it a bit crowded.
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  7. Punktaku

    Punktaku Un-Dis-Honored
    Honored Tribesman

    I love themed gangs, and these look great. I don’t see why they wouldn’t use guns. or at least repeater crossbows or something else decidedly orky (like the buzzbombs mentioned above).
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  8. HorribleHedgehog

    HorribleHedgehog Gang Champion

    Cool theme and great models! I'm with Punktaku, I doubt that even the most backward of orks would have a problem with using firearms (as long as they have the materials to make them, that is).
  9. spafe

    spafe Executive Officer in charge of Hats
    Staff Member Necromunda Custodian Tribe Council Yak Comp 2nd Place

    depends how 'into' the viking theme you are delving... a shaman type figure with a staff/hammer raised on high calling to Thork to send lightning bolts upon thy foe sounds cool, and could easily represent frag/kraks.

    You could also try to get a valorkry (a female ork on a flying boar) that is actually a ork on a flying machine!
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  10. Zeebogie

    Zeebogie Ganger

    Check out the feral ork rules, they'd be a pretty good basis, not sure if they are on here but if you google them there should be a link to somewhere
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  11. spafe

    spafe Executive Officer in charge of Hats
    Staff Member Necromunda Custodian Tribe Council Yak Comp 2nd Place

    @Flamekebab should be able to point you to them... he's basically the gorka guru.
  12. Azzabat

    Azzabat Hive Guilder
    Tribe Council Yak Comp 1st Place

    +1 for ValOrky.
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  13. Crowbarr

    Crowbarr Juve

    I guess my main concern is wanting to avoid confusion to the other players by ha
    yeah I’ve read them but their style doesn’t quite suit this team, it’s still a good option for yet another mob I could put together and paint :)
  14. Crowbarr

    Crowbarr Juve

    I was thinking beehives as grenades, but your idea is already sounding way cooler.

    Are there any models I could use to represent a flying boar/ork?
  15. spafe

    spafe Executive Officer in charge of Hats
    Staff Member Necromunda Custodian Tribe Council Yak Comp 2nd Place

    fro ma google search.. sadly not, depending on your comfort levels with greenstuff, it shouldnt be too hard to do the joint between some wings and a boar though, and some of the new sculpts of boar boys are very dynamic with hteir boars which should help
  16. Flamekebab

    Flamekebab Gang Hero
    Gorkamorka Warboss

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  17. Crowbarr

    Crowbarr Juve

    They can’t take slaves though :( Vikings need slaves to row their boats.

    Plus these feral orks seem huge miniature size wise (so using normal Ork Boyz is out of the question) and they can’t use a slaver/grots/slaves, or go visit the doc.

    They are awesome no doubt, but I’ll use them for another team.
  18. Kon-rad

    Kon-rad Gang Champion

    +1 for "Thork"
    Oh! Oh! Thork and Lorki! Thork is Zappy yet Kunnin'. Lork is Kunnin' yet Zappy! Waaaaghallaaaaaaa!
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  19. Flamekebab

    Flamekebab Gang Hero
    Gorkamorka Warboss

    Sounds to me like you should create a fork of the Freebooter rules (y)
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