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  1. Zeebogie

    Zeebogie Ganger

    Wouldn't help with the slaver issue though, I'd be more tempted to mix rebel grot (for vehicles) feral and normal ork rules so you could add in shamans, and slavers then use something like big lugga rules for the vehicles
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    How so? A fork is an off-shoot of an original project. One could take the existing freebooter rules and tweak them to fit, mixing in whatever. It's how I created the Outlaw MC rules!
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  3. Zeebogie

    Zeebogie Ganger

    My mistake, I thought you meant a fork like cutlery, just figured that Freebooters wasn't the best mob to base it off from the impression I'd gotten of the theme
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  4. Flamekebab

    Flamekebab Gang Hero
    Gorkamorka Warboss

    Perhaps not, but probably a better fit than the Feral Orks (who were written to be very feral!). Of course one can just start writing but it can be a bit daunting working from one of the vanilla mobs if one hasn't written stuff for GoMo before.
  5. Zeebogie

    Zeebogie Ganger

    @Crowbarr give these a try, they are what I had in mind with what you were suggesting on the theme and from what @spafe suggested with the shamans @Flamekebab I know youre all up on the licensing/legal side of Gorka docs o if its got any glaring things in it and needs to be taken down any pointers on that would be great. it has bugger all fluff in it atm and chunks are just ripped from things to give the general idea of how to play.

    Comments and criticisms etc. welcome and if anyone feels inspired and wants to do fluff or editi it into a better document feel free and I can send the original word doc
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  6. Crowbarr

    Crowbarr Juve

    Looks awesome man, I love the lack of guns, and the addition of boomerangs and beards! There’s a lot to look through, I can’t wait to play test this idea
  7. HorribleHedgehog

    HorribleHedgehog Gang Champion

    Zeeboogie, I gave your rules a quick once-over and I really like them! Love the little touches, like beardsquigs and brewpots. I'm not terribly familiar with GorkaMorka rules, so I'll keep my suggestions to flavour side of things.

    I'd remove bolas, boomerangs and crossbows as not viking enough. Instead, I'd add throwing spears and choppas: short ranged, auto-fail ammo check, bad accuracy but cheap and high strength. Could have them sharing a profile or have minor differences (high S for choppas, better save mod and a slight range increase for spears).

    I'm not sure how feasible it is in GoMo's ruleset, but having some sort of shieldwall rule would add a ton of viking flavour - shieldwall being the stratagem of most fighting forces of the viking age. Again, I know sod all of GoMo's rules, so I can't comment on its implementation. Viking orks with shields buffing each other while in base contact - not sure if this can be done without being OP, too complicated, or just not fitting in with the feel of the game. Of course, orks' notorious lack of discipline could have this require some sort of an animosity check to work...
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  8. Crowbarr

    Crowbarr Juve

    Shield wall would be so cool!
  9. HorribleHedgehog

    HorribleHedgehog Gang Champion

    I also came up with some fluff - what do you guys think?

    The Kult of Ragnarork

    While the vast majority of orks on Angelis identify as either Gorkers or Morkers, many more obscure societies, commonly called 'kults', have taken root in the local orkish population. One of these is the so-called Kult of Ragnarork.

    The roots of this kult can be traced to the great schism of Gorkamorka. During the fiercest fighting between Gorkers and Morkers, a lowly yoof known only as Snork took a series of hard blows to the noggin - enough to make even an ork pass out. When Snork finally came to his senses, he was met with the apocalyptic sight of the hulk coming down in flames.

    Whether it was the head trauma, or the sight of his god-figure burning down before his eyes - or possibly a bit of both - something in Snork's mind snapped. His eyes glowing bright green with the very stuff of the Waaagh!, Snork began convulsing uncontrollably as his latent weirboy powers manifested themselves, resulting in the grisly demise via exploding head for several orks unfortunate enough to be in his vicinity.

    After coming down from his psychic trance, Snork was a changed ork. He began preaching to any ork willing to listen, telling of a great battle to come; Ragnarork, the last battle of the world, when Gork and Mork would take their best boyz to krump the whole universe. He spoke of many great enemies waiting in the stars: huge, armour-clad giants; endless hordes of ravenous war-beasts; titanic war machines and great armies to dwarf anything the orks had seen on their desert home. Gathering a following of impressionable yoofs to himself, the self-proclaimed 'Profit of da Ragnarork' claimed the folly of the mekboyz had displeased Gork and Mork and delayed this holy battle. The only way to appease the gods and earn a place beside them in Ragnarork would be to eschew technology "an' fight roit propa like, choppa to choppa, wiv' none of this weedy, un-orky tek-no-logee nonsense".

    With that, the nascent kult set out into the desert. In the years to come, 'Drorkkr' big luggas built in the image of great wyrm-squigs would roam the wastes of Angelis, ever in search of a good fight and more thralls to power their 'ships'.
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  10. Crowbarr

    Crowbarr Juve

    Oh my god it’s called ragnarork
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  11. Crowbarr

    Crowbarr Juve

    That’s an awesome concept, my warband could believe that we should save the scrap for the ship off this planet, and fight anyone wasting it on bullets and engines! Orkpower for the scrap hunts! Ragnaork calls us!
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  12. Crowbarr

    Crowbarr Juve

    Ah man you REALLY did a lot here man. I’m rereading and the surgery ones are genius. The leg replacements
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  13. Crowbarr

    Crowbarr Juve

    The grapple gun now being a flail is an excellent idea, I never liked it not being able to do anything else. Prescription bottle is also an excellent concept, as are the bombs, I can’t wait to test these guys out, it’s really encouraging my playatyle so far. 11/10
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  14. Zeebogie

    Zeebogie Ganger

    @HorribleHedgehog that is an awesome fluff piece, I'd gone with Snakebite Vikings referencing the clans but that fits perfectly

    Glad you like it @Crowbarr will be cool to see how they work
  15. Zeebogie

    Zeebogie Ganger

    Shield wall would be cool thematically but I've got no idea how you'd fit that in GoMo as its skirmish and realistically other mobs will just ram through it, boomerang I agree is a bit out of flavour and throwing chopped would fit better, I'll do some tweaking around and upload v1.1
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  16. Crowbarr

    Crowbarr Juve

    Yeah boomarang doesn't fit even though it's wicked. Maybe as a weirdboy or slaver item instead, or just making it a choppa you can throw while running, one shot weapon. The shield wall does seem tough, trying to do something like +1 armour save if in base contact with another boy with a shield sounds good on paper, but I dunno how it'll work in combat. Willing to test it, as this team enables me to get lower cost repairs on my yoofs and boys, and I'll be going through a lot of them I reckon :)
  17. Flamekebab

    Flamekebab Gang Hero
    Gorkamorka Warboss

    Quite a lot to take in here but some rather novel remixing!

    -Is there a reason why Digga Runtz grant a positive save modifier?
    -There's a fair few instances of Oddboyz/Brainboyz being used interchangeably. I'd suggest you invent a unique term as the others already have in-universe meanings.

    First thing - licensing stuff under Creative Commons has been something I'm a major supporter of precisely because it allows this sort of rule set to be created. Grab the bits you'd like and remix them (y)

    As far as I can see you've mostly pulled stuff from the Feral Orks document. It uses this licence:

    Here's how that affects things - you need to do the Attribution thing and tour document needs a similar licence (basically any CC BY-NC-SA licence).

    Here's the criteria to be sorted out to satisfy the attribution requirement:
    1. Name/s of the original author/s
    2. Title
    3. If there's a URL with the thing's licencing info include it (*
    4. Stating how it was used - (for example, "French translation of the Work by X", or "Screenplay based on original work by X")
    There's no special way that needs to be done though. Here's what I'd include at the end of the document:
    You're not required to use your real name - a pseudonym is fine.

    * - This is something I've fixed in newer versions of the layout template. There's a licence box embedded so that the URL thing can be ignored.
  18. Zeebogie

    Zeebogie Ganger

    So the +1 save MOD was to make the digga runtz weak, I was going to copy the fickies rock chucking but figured malnourished diggas would be useless compared to feral orks at chucking rocks

    The oddboyz/brainboyz thing was that originally I'd had Brainboyz do both the Dok and Mek roles then realised it would make more sense to expand the Weirdboy into a Shaman so renamed the Braonboyz to Oddboyz but obviously missed a few times/notes . The name choice was deliberate but I'd agree a more refined/individual name would be better.

    So does the creative commons license have a specific number for each document? And does it matter that i've taken chunks from the Official books even though they are modified?
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  19. Zeebogie

    Zeebogie Ganger

    Also is where did you get the GoMo style fonts and borders for the feral orks rules?
  20. Flamekebab

    Flamekebab Gang Hero
    Gorkamorka Warboss

    Makes perfect sense - the way it was worded made it sound a bit like that was normal and not a special rule for Digga Runtz.

    I figured it was something like that. The only reason I discourage the use of "Oddboyz" is because it already covers any Ork that's not a generic fighter. Did you know that Orks have a type of Oddboy dedicated to accounts and book-keeping? Sumboyz are a thing! :ROFLMAO:

    Apologies for the next bit. This stuff is pretty straightforward but I'm not great at making it sound like it in text. I'm tempted to record a video instead, actually...

    Or the stuff I wrote originally if you'd prefer it written down! :oops:
    Important principle of copyright: ideas and concepts belong to no one. The specific expression of them is what's protected. You can copy game mechanics however you like, for example, but you can't copy and paste from the book without relevant licences/permissions.

    When it comes to the official books you're not realistically going to get a licence so for those things you'll need to either make sure you're taking very little from them or rewriting the specific wording.

    As for the "specific number" - in theory, yes. It's the version number of the licence. Over time the CC folks have updated what they offer. When we wrote the Feral Orks we used CC 2.5 - I think it might have been the newest at the time. Since then 3.0 and 4.0 have come out. If something is under CC it'll say what version it uses - just quote that.

    Soooo, good news and bad news. The good news is that I made them (and in the more recent versions my old lady made them and I refined them). The bad news is that they don't exist as a template for Microsoft Word. I have them as a template for Scribus in high DPI to keep things looking lovely.

    I can either share the current version of the Scribus template (which has its own quirks because I've yet to package it up and properly document it) or I can lay the document out for you when you're happy with it. It might sound a tad counter-intuitive but it'd take me less time to do the layout manually than taking the time to create a finished template. It's why I haven't done it yet, essentially.

    The fonts thing I can help with though! So there's three fonts that are relevant:
    Download link
    (The licence info has to be included when redistributing the font files but if you're just using them in a document then you don't have to do anything at all (y))
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