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    Cool, so realistically the simplest way around the chunks from Da Uvver Book would be rewording/renaming the Nob, boys and yoofs at the start and just clip the descriptions of faster smarter eavier from the Oddboy bit.
    Are Sumboyz in Waaagh Orks? I know there is a ton of different Oddboyz/Brainboyz from all the 2ND Ed. stuff but only have the Rogue Trader main book and have never managed to obtain a copy of that or Freebooterz
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    You can keep the names if you like - individual words aren't really an issue. I'd encourage you to rename them for fun though, even if they're mechanically identical.

    Yeah, or make reference to the section of Da Uvver Book. After all, if they're playing Gorkamorka you know they've got access to the books!

    I can't find the source on Sumboyz, annoyingly. I'm not familiar enough with Waaargh The Orks! to know where to start looking and I don't know of a text-searchable version either. I have PDFs of it and Freebooterz but don't really have the time to read 'em from cover to cover!

    I'm curious if the Brainboyz are going to come up in some fluff revision in the near future. I'm not sure what the current canon is for them as precursors to the Orks (e.g. the snotling fungus thing).
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    IIRC GW's current basically says "dunno" regarding orks' origins. Still, unless they've retconned the meaning of the term, Brainboyz refers to the orks' creators. As you've said, Oddboyz refers to all orks who fulfill specialist roles in ork society, so I think it's a good term to use here.
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    OK so at some point I will add in fluff stuff and do the licensing stuff but for now I've done a minor update clearing up a few of the issues that were pointed out.
    If there are suggestions for names of warrior types (currently im thinking Big 'Orns for nobs and trying to follow that theme) feel free to suggest theme, @Flamekebab I agree that it makes the mob structure more fun/personal.
    @Crowbarr Im looking forward to seeing how these guys go at the upcoming game, I'll make sure I bring my Grot vehicles so you have spares (I may write up a Digga mob so my muties don't "dominate" too much haha and so someone can save those poor poor runtz from you) will be good to see what works and doesn't for needs of tweaking/balancing.
    but for now here is what ive updated briefly (it is a brief update anyway)

    Snakebite Vikings V1.1

    -Improved formatting
    -Removed Bolas
    -Replaces Boomerang with throwing Choppas
    -Removed conflicting Brainboy/Oddboy text
    -Added Draft watermark to show still a WIP
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    Feel free to use my fluff piece if you want - I may yet revise it, though (I've asked Da Waaagh! forum's resident ork background expert Dim Reapa for feedback, and I'm still waiting for that).

    As for warrior type names, a few ideas:

    Nob: 'Arl - from old norse jarl denoting a nobleman or a chieftain. Could also go for Stor-dregr or Mikill-dregr, stór and mikill being words for 'big' in old norse (see boyz below for my reasoning on Dregr). Alternatively, if you wanna go more ork than viking, Big 'un or Biggun could work.

    Weirdboy: Gorki - from old norse gothi, meaning priest.

    Oddboy: Skip'urta - from old norse skip (ship) and old english scipwyrhta (shipwright). Alternatively: Skipboy, Skipmek

    Slaver: I think the good old runtherd works here. Thrallherd maybe, if you want a norsier approach.

    Boyz: Dregr - from old norse rekkr (warrior) and the orkish dreg (destroy, rip, cut, etc.) Could also go for something like Dregr-boy.

    Yoofs: Ung-dregr - as above, but with ung (young) added.

    Digga runtz: Thrall - from old norse þræll (slave).

    If you want to extend this naming scheme to vehicles, I'd suggest the following:

    Big Lugga: Drorkr - from old norse Dreki (dragon) and Drakkar, which is a post-viking age term invented to describe dragonships.

    Cutta: 'Arfi - from old norse karfi, meaning small ship.

    I'm not much of a linguist, so I expect the old norse bits to be full of inaccuracies, but what the hell, I doubt the orks would care. Still, I'm 100% open for corrections in case someone here has majored in ancient linguistics ;).
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    Dude your linguistic skills are far exceeding mine, i knew Jarl and figured orks wouldnt have a soft j sound hence the Big Orns
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    Thanks! Honestly I mostly just went through an english-old norse online dictionary and google to get the words I needed. I'm a little worried I've gone too heavy on the norse and too light on the orky for some of those, but some I'm quite proud of. Skip'urta in particular, that sounds like a proper orkish word.
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    Just played the viking orks last weekend, I've noticed the Yoofs have the same starting stats as the boyz.
  9. Zeebogie

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    Fixed it up should be reuploaded in a bit
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  10. Crowbarr

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    Man you update that stuff fast. You're a legend. After a few months of play testing I'll think about maybe wanting to change the WS and BS so it leans more to melee, but that may be too OP.
  11. Zeebogie

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    haha I was on here when you posted and just did it quickly, once uni finishes ill try to doing it all properly
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