N18 Rules for one-armed Slave Ogryn?

Nick Klie

Oct 12, 2018
Are there any rules for your Slave Ogryn only having one arm? I couldn't find anything in the House of Chains.

I was wondering if it was like the Goliath Gene-Smithing, where you maybe get a minus cost, but can't take two weapons for the extra attack in CC, etc.


No rules they just have only one weapon. The ogryn sprue as it is is quite limited with its weapon options compared to its class list. The one armed option just uses the base joint for the storm welder.
That arm side is flat so relatively easy to convert with Astra Militara ogryn or bloodbowl ogres arms with weapons from their or other flatter joint big arms (Ork nobs have fairly chunky arms).
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Why mess with perfection? The one arm guys are Lobos. They get hit, but don't fall down. They can win 1H2H combat (see what I did there?), My one-arm Lobos are Lefty, Southpaw, and Ain't Right.
I don't see the point of giving it special rules. By this logic an ogryn should not be able to lob a grenade if they don't have 'hands' and only have augmented tools for arms.
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