N18 Savvy trader work for the black market?

Dec 23, 2022
Hi All, i am wondering if the savvy trader skill is usable on the black market? It states trading post and was obviously created before the black market, seems like its unfair for it not to benefit an outlaw gang as its already easier for order gangs to access the BM than it is for outlaws to access the TP, no info about it anywhere so keen to see what peoples opinions are?
I'd say it makes complete sense and doesn't introduce an unfair advantage. Not allowing it limits the fun/creativity of a campaign in my opinion. Courtesy check with your arbitrator and you're good to go in my opinion!
Savvy Trader affects the "Trade action in the post battle sequence."
Under section 5. Post battle actions section it states that "There are two types of Trade action. 'Regular Trade' and 'Black Market Trade'.
Both regular and black market are a type of 'Trade action' so both would be affected by Savvy Trader.
Each title is a separate post battle action so Trade, Sell to guilders, Claim bounties etc all cost one post battle action therefore if you want a 'Regular Trade' and a 'Black Market Trade' action you need at least two leader/champions to perform both.
Since most leaders/champion give you one post battle action if they have savvy Trader then it only applies to one action not others that are going on. Unless they also have Connected which grants them two post battle actions.
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GW did miss out adding /Illegality in the Savvy Trader description but I chalk that up to lack of proof reading of legacy rules.
So normal GW then.
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Belatedly catching up, as of the 2023 Core Rule Book, Trading Post and Black Market Trading Post have been rolled into one "Rarity/Illegality" roll which is affected by every Trade post-battle action, and one combined visit to purchase items, so all the more reason that Savvy Trader would explicitly work for both Trading Posts.

THE BLACK MARKET, RARITYANDLEGALITY RATINGSOlder publications may reference the Black Market,treat any of those abilities as referencing theTrading Post instead. Additionally, they mayreference Rarity or Legality ratings – in thesecases replace them with Rare (X) and Illegal (X). For example, a Rarity rating of 8 becomes Rare (8).

So, belatedly sorted by GW?