N18 Scenario: Archeotech shakedown


Jul 26, 2022
Ok, new yak here. Ive played two scenarios of necromunda so far. The loot casket one is fun.
Ive played ALLOT of 40kRP so heres an interesting scenario that is more fitting of a story than a game.

So, we all know that people who live in the underhive are some tough nuts. And civilians are almost never used and the board is usually eerily empty like a gunfight at the ok corral. This is ok some times, but no where near as random as gunfights are, like in the film children of men.

So this scenario will use the hive scum box set to represent the kind of underhive civs that come packing iron. The job of the gangs is to shake down said scummers because one of them is carrying a valuable archeotech relic that they came into possession of by shooting some guy in the head who shot some other guy in the head and so on... you get the idea. The other gang has caught wind that your gang is going out to hunt a relic and has decided to intercept them. All scummers weapons have the reckless trait and players roll off to see who controls them. This happens after each activation, not after each turn. They are ofcourse stated using the underhive scum profile, only they have no allegiance to either gang and are generally just milling about. A ganger can spend an action to "shakedown" which can be done if they're alive or dead. Though they generally dont prefer this and will fight back. One of them will be carrying a valuable archeotech relic, determined randomly by rolling a D6 to try and get a 6 but adding 1 to each subsequent roll of either side. On a 6 you find the relic, but the battle continues and only if you are not taken out of action, captured or webbed do you earn the relic to add to your stash. The winner who gets the relic generates 1d6 x10 credits and the loser who doesn't generates 1d3+1 x10 credits.

The relic is generated randomly from this list:
Roll 1d6
1 - its a fake!
2 - gold plated master crafted digi laser
3 - gold plated master crafted las pistol (that cannot be upgraded in any way)
4 - Mung Vase (lol)
5 - its a fake, but no one will ever know... make an intelligence check, if you pass generate 1d6 x10 credits from selling the fake
6 - archeotech device
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