N18 Scenario Idea : Grox Hunt ... need suggestions


Jun 13, 2019
So, after acquiring and modifying the Thunderfoot model from Reaper,
I've decided to build a "Thunderfoot Grox Hunt" scenario...
the original thought:
a rolling roads scenario, where players deploy in 12 x 12 spaces on the trailing edge and opposite corners.... the Grox is deployed center line 12" in.
after all player activations, the Grox goes using Mounted rules. If enemies are within 1", it "Ride by Attacks" and breaks away. If enemies are trying to block its patch, then charge.
The Grox is trying to escape the far edge of the field (like a Cargo Run scenario)
The issue is, with 2 teams hunting the Grox, how to make it so they don't just gun it down on turn 1...
Edit: More thoughts, perhaps making it an attacker/defender scenario,
attacker is trying to bring down the grox quickly, where defender has set up a live trap at the "end" of the run and thus wants to guide the grox to it...
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Well you can't just say that and not post/link pics! The grox tax must be paid!
Alas, can't seem to add images. But all I did was add a sedative dispenser to the side of its head...
So options to make it last more than one turn...

Terrain. Add plenty of terrain that can block line of sight so gangs can't get that long range turn 1 shot.

Make it tough. Special saves and/or high toughness and/or multiple wounds, so you really have to deal out the damage over a more prolonged period. No one-shot kills. It's a giant freakin' dinosaur after all.

Movement bonus for the Grox. Add a range modifier to an attacker's hit roll so they need to get closer to reliably hit it. This reduces the possibility of a turn one take-down, and puts models in the creature's danger zone.

Add more groxes. It's a stampeding herd. Victory will be determined by who takes home the most meat. You could have 2-3 different sizes, each with a relative victory point or credit value.

After a grox model is removed (killed) bring on its identical cousin from the rear or sides of the table - aimed at the model closest to the side or rear edge.
Well one factor to consider is also at what point of a campaign gangs would play this scenario? Early campaign most gangs don/t yet have the heavy fire power to take down a big and tought multi-wound monster in 1 round of shooting, but later on it can become quite easy, especially if it is a campaign including Vehicles, so that gangs are even more likely to get heavy damage guns like Mining lasers and Lascannons...
Personally I would have such a scenario as a Downtime event, possibly a multiplayer with small elite crews (4-5 fighters per gang) and increase its wounds/hull points total depending on the number of partecipating gangs (lets say +6 wounds or +4 hull points for each gang attacking it) and then give it a special rule where it can not lose more than 1/3rd or half of its initial wounds in a single game round and during the End phase of a round it rolls a D6 for each wound lost that round and on a 5+ it regains that wound (say it is due to an adrenaline rush that makes it ignore the damage it is taking). Maybe you could also give it 2-3 'brackets' like 40k vehicles and change its movement, attacks and behaviour based on the bracket it is in (at full health it has mid-level Speed and Attacks and focuses on moving forward, when it goes down to middle bracket it increases its Speed and focuses on escaping its attackers, on the lowest bracket it increases its attacks and focuses on crushing its attackers, something along those lines.