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  1. So I was reading Da Uvver Book and in the description of the desert it states: Rocks, sand, bleaching bones and rusting metal are the only features of any note, apart from the Ork forts shimmering in the heat haze and huge chunks of wreckage shed by the hulk as it carved out the Skid.

    So I was thinking I could make a scenario out of that.

    Maybe it could work in the same way as either the Lootas or we woz ere furst, except that there are no vehicles because the entire table would be a large amount of tunnels. So going by the Lootas template, there would be a large amount of scrap in a large chamber in the middle of the table, with D6 + 3 Orks on foot there. A Round the chamber there would be a ton of tunnels probably connecting at points, because of the fact they are in a larger piece of the hulk, depending on how the players wanted to set up. And the rest would play out the same way Lootas would, except for no vehicles since they can't fit in the tunnels.

    Making it like We Woz Ere Furst would be a bit different, as you would have to roll for what the tunnels contain, although it would work the same way We Woz Ere Furst works minus the trukks (maybe bikes). So for instance (subject to change) on a roll of 6+ you would find a scrap counter in a given tunnel, but maybe you would stop finding them after 4 finds. On a roll of 8+ you would find D3 + 3 scrap counters with a larger room, and getting this result makes it impossible to get it again. The way increasing the score would work is if you were 12 inches away from them, there would be a +3 increase, 16 inches +2, and 20 inches +1. This would make it so that since the players may want to sit where they are to get that D3 + 3 scrap and git outta dere, they would instead have to go after each other and fight over the best bits.

    Maybe this scenario could be an equalizer or something for someone who has unreliable vehicles, but I think it could be fun.
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    Aulenback Gang Hero

    The increased density of the table terrain would have a very big effect - at the same time, might be an excuse to throw down some of your Necromunda terrain to add in a level or two of height, as well. If vehicles end up taking it slower to navigate the tunnels, the options for "boarding from above" might prove worth considering....
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    I'd use the perils of the desert table for this as well and just treat rolls of 11-26 (the desert and wind wouldn't really effect the insides of a section of hulk) as nothing, you could make it a for roll every "group" that was more than say 12" apart having to roll each turn would be a good way to represent the danger of exploring the uncovered sections of the hulk
  4. What do you mean the perils of the desert table? I've never heard of it, is it in Da Rulez or Da Uvver Book?
  5. Zeebogie

    Zeebogie Ganger

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    Zeebogie Ganger

    So there is a whole other Book called Digganob, there was the gubbinz magazine and then there is a heap of fannade stuff check out the Vault in the Gorkamorka section
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    One of these days I'll coral some of the tUGS folks and get a finished document written for how we played Da Town. The increased terrain density changed things up a lot and we had some great fun with it.

    As for resources, take a look at the tUGS downloads page (y)
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    Do want to read how Da Town went. Keep checking tUGS periodically, but have not seen anything.

    There were also some Necromunda rules published as one of the magazine articles [CJournal, or Gang War, maybe?] about motorcycles in the Hive. While it is in essence an import of 2nd ed WH40K vehicle rules [unlike GM/Ash Wastes], with a few added skills tables, I think it DID include some rules for vehicles jumping gaps and going up ramps which might prove useful in such a scenario. Aha! Page 34, Gang War [the ORB ones, not the N17 ones] issue number one, reprinted it says from a Citadel Journal article [the article starts on page 30, but the Jumping Gaps rule is on page 34]. So should be find-able in either old Gang Wars or old Citadel Journal issues.

    By their rules, trying to blend with the GoMo rules:

    Bikes moving at Cruising speed can make a single gap jump during their move of 1d6" and bikes moving faster [thrusters in essence] jump 2d6" but in both cases the jump counts against your total move distance [so no extra movement, and if your total remaining distance available is less than needed to cross, you fall]. Bikes take normal falling damage [to the wheels/tracks?] on landing, and they include a Ld test for the driver after landing from the fall to avoid going Out Of Control.
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    Yeah, there's always something else taking priority. I still have the (physical) map and really need to find the time to finish the buildings for it!

    I think I still have the CJ that was originally published in (Get Yer Motor Runnin')!

    If memory serves we required a vehicle to be able to complete the jump with its movement, assuming a reasonable arc, with a Leadership test on landing. I don't recall many falls though so they should probably be tweaked a tad.
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