N18 Scenarios in gang war but not new rule books


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Nov 25, 2017
United kingdom
Hey all, pure laziness on my part but does anyone have a list of all the scenarios in the gang war books? I'm trying to work out which aare miss from the final books before I box up the gang war books.


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Oct 12, 2015
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  • Underhive
  1. Tunnel Skirmish
  2. The Trap
  3. Forgotten Riches
  4. The Marauders
  5. Sneak Attack
  6. Smash & Grab
  • Gang War 1
  1. Stand off
  2. Looters
  3. Ambush
  4. Border Dispute
  5. Sabotage
  6. Rescue Mission
  • Gang War 3
    • Last Stand
    • Escape the Pit!
    • Downtown Dust-up
    • Shoot-out
    • Caravan Heist
    • Spook Harvest (renamed Ghast Harvest)
    • In the Dark
    • Archaeo Hunters
    • Prison Break
    • Monster Hunt
    • Gang Moot (MP)
    • Pitfight (MP)
  • Gang War 4
    • The Hit
    • Settlement Attack
    • Escape!
    • Murder Cyborg
    • Escort Mission
    • Fighter Down
  • White Dwarf
    • Claim the Spire
    • The Gauntlet
Red ones go fasta have not been reprinted (The Gauntlet can be found in the Badzone Delta 7 pdf)


Gang Hero
Nov 25, 2017
United kingdom
Thanks! Pure lazy on my part not to work it out . Now to scan/photograph copies. Don't suppose anyone has a copy of claim the spire lying around?

Also monster hunt got published with the ambul rules should anyone be missing them.


Hopefully the rest appear in pdf's at some point. Prison break looks great fun if unusual and is a great arbitrator tool for the campaign. I particularly like the suggestion to use it during down time to see if anyone sold to the guilders can make it back. Settlement attack is another good one particularly if someone had a genestealer cult army lying around as the bad guys.

Can't remember the others properly will have to have a look
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