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Discussion in 'Tabletop Games' started by HorribleHedgehog, Mar 5, 2019.

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    what if they embrace the insanity? is there a path to daemonhood? or a path from “whatever class i started as” to Champion of Chaos and then on up the pantheon? (Lord, Prince, etc.)
  2. HorribleHedgehog

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    I'm considering it. It could be cool if the gods were a little distant, to add to the whole godliness thing, but it could be frustrating for the players if their carefully prepared sacrifice amounts to nothing because the gods couldn't be reached right then!

    Yeah, that's a good change.

    I'm thinking that some classes could have access to Talents that grow more powerful the more insanity they have accrued. Psykers in particular could have a build that grows more powerful but also more unstable with deteriorating mental health.

    I still want to maintain insanity as a broadly negative thing that can occasionally be of use to you. I don't think there should be any mechanical Insanity point requirement to achieving daemonhood - anyone willing to commit the acts required for such is probably completely bonkers from our point of view anyway, they're just possibly more high-functioning than the average chaos cultist!
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    oops! i didn’t mean using the insanity points to achieve daemonhood. i meant is their a way to go all in and achieve daemonhood?

    maybe both? your detrimental level of insanity could affect daemonhood in a big way. Off the charts and you’re a Spawn. Too high and you’re a Beast (Fleshhound, Nurgling, Steed, Flamer). Elevated and you’re a minor daemon, Kinda Crazy and you’re a greater demon, Low and you’re a Prince. Once you change, you’re stuck. Once you pass the threshold, you can’t (without great effort?) get a better result.
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    I thought mortals could only ascend to a daemon prince or degenerate into a spawn while all other types of daemons are born of the chaos gods themselves?

    In my mind a character can always ascend regardless of their level of insanity (of course, as long as they perform a major feat in the name of their god), it's just that they stop being playable after 120 points. This is mostly because I can't imagine playing a character who's so submerged in his obsessions that he's incapable of acting against being rewarding in any way, so I think it's better to have the player create a new character and relegate the old one into NPC-dom.
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    that’s the usual fluff, yeah. but! what if? it’s a demon world in the eye of terror or deep in the warp, yeah? what if this is the chaos powers’ deep dark secret? (or just go with Spawn/Prince)
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    I think I'm gonna stick with the spawn/prince thing. In any case, if anyone's gonna ascend to a daemon prince that's gonna be at the end of the absolute endgame and if the players insist on playing after that I'll cross that potential bridge when/if I get to it - for now, the game is going to concentrate on the mortal followers of chaos, because they're infinitely more interesting than daemons. :p

    Lately I've mostly been assembling a giant inspiration folder to give my players an idea of chaos, the gods and related aesthetics. It's been exhausting but fulfilling. I'm somewhat annoyed by the fact that CSM get so much art dedicated to them - seriously, judging by official GW art every follower of chaos is an ancient supersoldier - but I've included lot of fanart and completely non-40k-related art to balance things out a little.

    I also had an idea for another ritual:

    (Slaaneshi) Ritual of ensorcellment: Requires average ritual knowledge, little psychic power, and a live subject. If succesful, the subject falls under the control of the ritualist. Difficulty of the ritual depends on the Willpower characteristic of the subject. Once per gaming session, the subject can attempt to break the control with a hard Willpower check.
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    I like the idea of a madness mechanic, but remember not to take away their player directory. Those are their characters and they might feel sidelined as players if the rules or GM call the shots over their character's actions. I would focus on giving rewards for role playing a madness in a way that makes the game more interesting, for example earning extra exp.

    Also if it was me, after the players get into the swing of things I'd start highlighting the positives of chaos, as contrasting against the imperium. Like by having a character (once lowly citizen now a warrior) that chose chaos to take revenge on an inquisitor who called exterminatus on a planet for weak reasons. Then when you think you have them convinced throw in an imperial preacher begging for his life and see how they handle it. I think something like that would be a good way to teach them about the grim dark factions of 40k.
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    Are players committed to a single Power or will they be able to add Powers and become a follower of Chaos Undivided?
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    This is a very good point and after giving the matter some thought, I've thought of a carrot-and-stick type of system. The basic idea is that actions that go against your madness causes you strain, while giving in to your madness lowers it. This doesn't outright prohibit or force any actions, but should encourage people to carefully manage their actions and gives an incentive to give in to the madness, especially when the character is already under heavy strain - ie, stressed or tired. The level of insanity determines the amount of strain suffered or recovered.

    Well, I've figured that the entirety of the campaign would take place on Schattelgeist, with PCs being native inhabitants, partly so that I'd only have to explain a small part of the universe to them and not overwhelm them with information. Of course, after the players have gotten the basic idea of the setting I can start introducing elements from the rest of the universe...

    The Imperium's been known to launch the occasional crusade to the Eye, right? I feel there are possibilities here...

    Yeah, players can go from single-god to undivided and vice versa. It'll come with a Favour point cost, though - the gods probably aren't that keen on the idea of having to share their favoured mortal with the others, and the undivided champ who settles with a single god loses their favour with the rest.

    And like I've stated before, to offset their unparalleled flexibility undivided characters have a more difficult time earning favour points. It's hard trying to please everyone at once.
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