Sci-fi interconnecting trenches…

Apr 21, 2022
Hey there I’m Ross Franks, long time wargamer, and 3D designer. Following comments from the Wargaming Community Questionnaire that many of you replied to earlier in the year, it looked like there was a need for more unique, modular terrain that wasn’t too cumbersome in size.


So I’ve been working on some 28-32mm sci-fi interconnecting trenches that are easy to store but have enough customisation to have small emplacements up to massive defences. If you want to follow my progress feel free to follow here ( And hopefully I can get some amazing terrain on your game tables.

Game on!
Looks promising. Good luck with the Kickstarter.
I've posted this in the link Ben_S recommended, but if you missed it, then here's the link to the Pre-launch Kickstarter...


Looking to go live at the beginning of February 2023 so make sure you signup on the above link to be notified when it's ready to go.

And if you're going to Cancon in Canberra, Australia this weekend look out for a demo setup of the trenches at the Slave2gaming store!
Have a great day!

Game on!