Jul 15, 2020
This post is about organizing the project and background facades.

I have decided to really finish each piece to a high standard. If I have to name each tile it will make me build them with a defining feature. This gives it more personality.

I do plan to make sone filler building facades for the background. Instead of blank concrete or feeling like I need to completely detail the walls, it would be faster and still with a cool effect. I plan to cut rectangular holes in cardboard then shine a light through them. I will give them dirty looking plastic like blister packs glued on the inside. Before that I will try a crackle spraypaint on the cardboard facade after a dusting of black and brown spraypaint.

When the more themed and detailed pieces are each done I might just half ass the remaining ones as background filler to go against the walls.

Ideally this would look like a peninsula in the sump sea. I considered using real water but making slime canals on my new MDF wood boards sounds more fun.

I bought some black canvases and will do some rough outlines of ruins for the background. Doing a mural on a painter's tarp or cloth might get too cracked over time.

The plastic tablecloths I got have a shine to them so I want to fill up as much background as possible with backlit windowed buildings and random pipe clutter.

I suppose I will have to start small, but working within the confines of the space I do have is better than waiting for a larger area. I might have to forgo digging out my older terrain for now. I will start with a showcase of the more recent work specifically started for Habzone Quandary.

The costs keep adding up so it makes sense to follow through on launching a Patreon account. It feels tacky to ask for money, but even with all the recycled materials it really adds up. Every trip to the craft store is about $100. Parts orders even higher sometimes. It's a labor of love and my overspending on a hobbh isn't anyone else's responsibility. This is also one of my life's works projects and the launch will deserve attention. This work means something to me and is also an art project commenting on (we live in a society.) The commentsn likes, and views here have been helpful and I won't pretend otherwise. Maybe the more support I get from the wider world would help me keep this going in uncertain economic times. I would rather have 5 supporters at a $1 level than 1 person at the $10 level because it means something that more people got value out of the work.

Still, it's crass to go up to fellow Yaksters shoving a begging bowl in theor faces. I'm just being direct about my thoughts in this project journal. Many of the video makers have Patreons or similar and I support them doing that. It's a much healthier system than a paywall.

Anyways, I need to focus on finishing what I have. That means any construction should be focused on connecting ramps and ladders for playability. Or, a finishing touch to give a piece more personality. Otherwise it's just painting. That also means work on figures should be generally limited to work for Yak challenges until more progess is made.

Thanks for reading.
Jul 15, 2020
I'm making progress every day on the Underhive city.

I was getting carried away with emotional attachments to impressing everyone. It's more enjoyable to just treat it as a relaxing hobby instead of imposing deadlines and urgency on myself. I get just as much done relaxed as stressed.

When my translucent water effect experiments don't pan out well enough I just add more layers and try again. In the process I got strange results that never would have been acheived by being careful. With paint crackling material and time gets wasted but I can learn better in the process. (In this case the crackle medium does need to dry a bit but not the full hour. Paint needs to go on fairly thick. White glue works too.)

This means I'm finishing all the main pieces all to a high standard, not rushing. And mixing in work on models keeps it fresh. For a big city shot I ran out of room, and will have to keep all my older terrain in the bins for now. Maybe in a year or two I can find the space for a setup of my dreams. Right now I should focus on what's in front of me and take one day at a time.

There's a serious, artistic side to the project since I'm exploring this as detailing a living space and not just gameplay props. That means looking at real life slums and dystopian source material. We're talking about people living in toxic sewers when we discuss Necromunda. The gritty sci-fi sleaze and social commentary should be preserved in my opinion. It's my counterpoint to the clean and sterilized look of today.

I'm frugal, but there's another reason I use trash and remains of my personal consumption.

It might take a little while for pictures, I want to get some really high quality shots.