Secret Santa 2023! Roll up, roll up, get yer names in!

And that’s it! The cogitators have finally finished their whirring and with a slosh and a plop the results are out! Everyone who gave their details in time should now have received their target 😀 for secret Santa 🎅
Remember that postage is generally operating at the speed of a drunken snail so try to get your minis finished before the postage deadline of November 15th 👍
Would love to have joined you Yaks again this year but I’ve got a load of stuff I need to get painted up for myself, which I’m hoping to blitz this winter.

Have fun!!!
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I've also begun the brainstorming process, two ideas has formed so far. One that is widely practical and generally usable, one that is more narrow in usability but ripe with modelling opportunity... I might just have to selfishly go with the latter, for my own personal enjoyment. :D
You know that feeling when you’re trying to get the bits you need for yak Santa off eBay and you’ve been outbid at the last minute 3 times and then when you win, the seller immediately cancels the order and refunds it because it was sold in their store and they’d not took it off eBay. I guess it’s time to come up with a plan using minis I already have 😵‍💫
Secret Santa is leading me to new parts of the hobby as I near completion of my gift. Since the recipient may actually play with their gift I bought some varnish to try and "protect" my creation. This assumes I'll be able to safely pack it so it survives "The Mailing".

Also picked up some Contrast Medium after seeing a couple of cool shading videos so I'm playing with that stuff too.
Varnish is done on my conversion. I found this package for me on my porch when I went for a walk.


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None intended. Sorry.
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