Secret Santa 2023! Roll up, roll up, get yer names in!

Thank you YakSanta, Happy Yakmas to all!


This lady is clearly ready to party and is dressed to the 9s (and carrying what are no doubt 9mm stub pistols!).


Gorgeous green sleeveless duster too!


Forgone conclusion...
Yak Santa comes through with Il Stoofle stencils and what I am imagining is the man himself leading the charge from a M13/40 tank. Our family gift plans this Christmas were focused on smaller gifts in our stockings so my Yakmas gift was technically my only present under the holiday redwood tree that we rent for a few weeks before returning it for eventually planting somewhere in Northern California. Many thanks for a lovely present.

I think it might be his Niece on an exchange program with a certain Japanese high school, from what I can see of the commander's... uh... qualifications...

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Even better. Didn't get my cheater glasses out to look at the model after opening but the scale should have given me a clue too.
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Huge apologies for the delay, papa nurgle seems to have stricken our house.

See the below pics of my very gratefully received Goliath ganger. Awesome paint job and another happy yakmas customer.

Merry Christmas all, hope you've all had a good one!

Now to glare at the screen till the recipient of my mini posts :p
Yaksanta arrived just before I left for the holidays, so I left it until today to extend that spirit of Yakmas for another few days...






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Thanks underhive Santa! Mr. Pile will definitely be joining my under-construction Cawdor (and probably my Genestealers too, given his icon!)!