Sell or trade old Gaurd, Tzeentch, sylvaneth or Mark IV space Marines.


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Nov 14, 2018
I have an old Astra military army, Tzeentch Tzaangor force, some new on sprue dryads and a large Alpha legion army in mark iv armour I'm looking to either sell or trade for interesting stuff, preferably bits I can ash wastes up as too skint to buy the new box set as yet.

I will get photos once sprog asleep.

Astra militarum;
Command group and captain, optional lascannon.
Bullgryn squad with cc and big shields. Champ has ripper gun ad been painted by my 5 yr old....
30 infantry in 3 sets of 10.
Lascannon squad.
Hellhound kitbash.
Tank commander demolisher tank.

Tzeentch army;
Daemon prince conversion using exalted flamer and daemon prince models.
Burning chariot.
6 enlightened tzaangor some broken spears.
6 skyfires several broken arrows.
10 tzaangor.
Tzaangor shaman.
3 thousand son sorcerers.

Sylvaneth sprues ;
3 branchwych.
12 dryads.
15 tree revenants.

Alpha legion;
Multiple command options.
Destroyer squad.
Assault squad.
2 tactical squads.
Support squad with flamers.
Contemporary with dual fists.
Leviathan with cyclone and shears.
2 rhinos. Drop pod.

Have a couple of old school carry cases and 4 elder grab tank chassis too. Open to offers of cash or trades ;)
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Wow, that's a hugh amount of stuff, and barely touched. Are you sure you want to get rid of all that for what feels like a new project that is similar to what you started with this stuff?

If so then maybe tell us which country you are selling it from?

I hope you get a good deal for it all.
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To be honest I'm not sure I would have the patience to play 40k again and AOS is just so far from WHFB that I can't be arsed with it any more, especially as the last few games have been as a staff member letting customers test run tournament armies, which has thoroughly taken any fun out of it....
I'm a Necromunda and terrain builder now more than anything.
I have already converted over all the gaurd tank chassis vehicles I could want and it would be a shame to take apart the tank commander if I can swap or sell it to someone who wants it.
The Heresy army is more a sale piece and I'm happy to have that sit on the shelf for a while longer, but now that that's kicking off I thought it may get me some extra bday money if it did sell.
I thought I would see what interesting bits people may be up for swapping as I had a great trade off of FB the other day, a night haunt army for a plague cart, a battlewagon, some lootas and a piece of scenery. The lootas will be apart of the possible swaps as well once I have separated them out properly.

I am based in Carmarthenshire south Wales UK.
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So found another load of bits taking up space that if anyone wants to trade for? Will put pics below, but there are prints, novels, old scenery, 3 grab tank chassis and all the spare bits from a baneblade and battlewagon as well as most of a leman run chassis in the bits box's.

More pics in album; everything up to the Cawdor models themselves ;)