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Oct 1, 2018
West Greenwich, RI
So, someone is interested in quite a bit of my Necromunda stuff, and because of that I've done an inventory of what I have. I'm going to start posting items for sale here a few at a time. Please send me a PM as if there are multiple people interested in an item, I'll go down the list as to who sent me the first email. Thanks. I normally check my mail daily, as I'm all about clear and quick communication. Also, I'm NOT looking for bidding or to make a profit, so prices will be more than reasonable, however be advised you will pay shipping costs. I have USPS a few blocks away and UPS within a few miles, so I can ship out within a day or two. I DON'T use FedEx as I've had nothing but problems with them. Money can be transferred via PayPal, and once the item ships (with whatever level of speed and insurance you want) I'll send you a copy of the invoice for reimbursement.

I think that covers everything... So, on to my list.

First up, DICE!

- Cawdor first set
- Delaque first set
- Goliath first set, House of Chains set
- generic (orange)

Box set

- Necromunda: Underhive original box set fully painted with custom foam tray, clear Escher and Goliath rulers, and foil character cards (3 ea Escher and Goliath).
* I AM looking to make a profit on this one, as everything is fully painted. Models were built as the examples used in the game. These are professionally painted. Pictures on request.

I have a lot more than this, but these are the things I'd like to move first. Help me clear this stuff out!
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I’m interested in the Delaque dice set but what would it cost me to send them to Germany.

And what are your prices? That’s a big deciding factor about whether I PM you
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It might be helpful to show at least a couple of pictures of painted minis in this thread - it's difficult for anyone to know if they're interested in painted miniatures if they can't see any examples without messaging you.
@Malevolent Pink Cat I'll take some pics in the next couple days of a few minis and pieces of terrain as an example and post here.

Guess people aren't interested in dice. Me, I'm a dice fanatic but YMMV. So here's the next bit, GANG BOXES.

- Delaque (open box, complete, Necromunda bases)
- Goliath (2 sealed box, 1 extra set clipped and partially assembled, Necromunda bases), Stimmers and Forge Born
- Orlock (Open box, clipped but in ziplocks, need to check completeness, Necromunda bases), Arms Masters & Wreckers (2)
- Ambots (yeah, not a gang, but whatever)

A little more info, other than the fully painted box set I'm asking 50% of MSRP, rounded down a bit in your favor. If there's things you want, and need to break up payments to get it, I'll hold onto it for you while we work out a plan.
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Updated the listings as some items have sold.

Also for sale are:

Card Decks
- Cawdor 1
- Delaque 1
- Escher 1 & 2
- Goliath 1 & 2
- Orlock 1 & 2
- Van Saar 1 & 2
- Corpse3 Grinder Cult
- Slave Ogryn
- Enforcer
- Dramatis Personae
- Underdog
- blank
- Campaign Territory
- Badzone Environments & Events
- Open Hive War
- Zone Mortalis Gang Tactics
- Intrigues & Rackets

- Gang War 1
- Gang War 2
- Gang War 3
- Gang War 4
- Gangs of House Delaque
- Gang Raids (2)
- Necromunda rulebook/Gangs of the Underhive in slipcover
- Book of Peril
- Book of Judgement
- Book of Ruin
- House of Blades
- House of Chains
- House of Iron
- House of Artifice


- Underhive graffiti transfer sheet
- Gang Leader's Accessory Pack
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