N17 Seth's gangs, new things, general underhive PLOG!


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Jan 31, 2018
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I've had a few threads of bits and bobs that I've done...
Thought it best I make a consolidated thread that I'll keep updating, keep it neater.

When N17 first popped up I got pretty excited. Started by repainting my old Van Saar gang:

They've been fun, but horrible in post-game rolls... Dying left right and centre.

Genestealer cult list was a good excuse to add more to the small force I had in 40k, which I'd mainly been using as a small detachment alongside my bigger Tyranid force. Yet to actually play them in Necromunda....

Most of these were old Orlocks in a previous life, before Necromunda came back... I never had much attachment to the Orlocks, they were my 'House gang' that I used when other people came over to play. I stuck with my Van Saars. Hence no hesitance in cutting em up for GSC!

The enforcers were a fun project that I've been using a bit in skirmish games with my son. Just fun to paint...

Which brings me up to current projects.

I'm working on an Escher gang for a friend. Actually my regular opponents partner, trying to get her in to the game... So i built a gang for her, only part way through painting i'll post some pics when a little more complete.
But it did work already in hooking her in. Had one game against her with her new models, she was ridiculously enthusiastic.... like scary, screaming, sound effects... So totally worth it.

Making a Venator gang for my son, which i posted a little first image in another thread... these are coming along....

I've just begun a new take on Van Saar.
Wanted to completely depart from my old theme. Also all my gangs thus far have been pretty dark toned. This is an excuse to paint something completely different!!!

Let me know what you think, this is very new territory/style for me.....


Wanted to go real high-tech. Space suit more than stilsuit.... I like it. I think...


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Nov 10, 2014
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I like the new colours on the Van Saar! I first read it as being for the venators, and for some reason it just seemed to fit for an individual. I hope it works for a whole gang as well, it is nicely done!
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Feb 8, 2013
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That juve works really well! love how well he fits with his bigger meaner friends
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Jan 31, 2018
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Did a bit of a batch-paint on some more gangers and a Juve. It shows... Bit less polished than the others, but still ok. I'll likely go and do a bit of fiddling with details later.
For the upcoming leader and specialist I'll be a little more careful and take some time.

As my spot colour is green, I used a bit of green glazing on the shield to shift it away from being blue.


I love how small and pathetic this guy looks....


I need to do some work on the face here, ran out of time before work today. The skin being a bit blotchy is deliberate tho as want to give a bit of a rad-poisoned look to her.