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Nov 14, 2018
Soeach year I set up a Campaign for my local GW and we only get a few games each in for the more veteran gangs as we have been doing a lot of intro games for people at same time. Rather than just keep restarting each year I thought it would be good to create a campaign that can be picked up again each year and during on the days when i'm minding shop or actually just get to be a player!

With the shop collection now being a copy of DU, HW & AW boxes and the sector mech box Mike keeps back for us too we can do a campaign that can go across all three types of terrain. With this in mind, I have been thinking on things like how to give income, underdog bonuses etc. I had been thinking to use the original gang war method of champs can work a territory for d6*10. But it seems a shame to not use some of the territories and rackets.

So below are the campaign rules I am thinking of implementing; hopefully I will get all in and may come back to add bits to this initial write up so I can copy and paste at the end ;)
Also preferably going to steer people from playing CGC or outcasts.

Ash gate wars;
Gangs start with 1000 creds plus 400 creds for vehicles (I have a pool of stuff I will set newbies up with if needed).

Each gang starts with two territories, a settlement using standard rules and a garage where the vehicles are housed during zone mortalis games etc and provides d6x10creds after a game and reduces the cost of one set of repairs by 25% rounding up to the nearest 5 creds.
A gang will be able to take on one more territory, a racket or alliance and a single road section. (This will hopefully mean even longstanding gangs don't get to many boons)
There will be 12 territories picked and 12 road sections (3-4 trade routes) and alliances or rackets will be open but something the gang has to work for.

No brutes to start the game or hangars on (although as a bit of fun I may run a kitbash a new hanger on from scratch to get it free side event). Hired guns can be taken as usual.

Expenses; gangs will pay 5 creds per gang member for the first five, the next five will be 10 creds each, the next five will be 15 creds,etc.
Cawdor will be allowed up to five standard juves for free as who needs food when you can pray...
If a bike was used it costs 5creds after each game before it can be used again to represent refuelling costs (I won't start a rant about local diesel prices either, even though I could happily get on my soapbox).
Medium vehicles will cost 10 to refuel and heavy vehicles will be 20creds.
Gangs whose rating improve by 1000 will pay double expenses, those that improve by 2000 will pay treble.

Experience will be accrued at double the standard rate from standard sources such as outing an enemy and from scenarios.
Underdog bonus and intrigues are not doubled.

Underdog bonus, gangs will get an additional +1 per full hundred difference in gang rating added to each set of income rolled eg gang difference of 232 = +2 to the d6*10 roll for the settlement, to represent people giving respect for winning or at least trying....
An additional xp per hundred difference will be earned for surviving the match.
This should hopefully give a reason to attack the top players or start a new gang later.

No permanent sticky weapons or armour for people once a weapon has been used in three battles, after that it may be passed on., As long as the recipient has also survived three battles. If a heavy weapon is bought for a vehicle it can't be taken off and given to a ganger, it can only be reattached to a vehicle.

Trade posts, both standard and black market can be used as normal, I have yet to see if outlands book has anything to add on that side.

I do have the original outlanders book and the gang war book with campaign events to throw in and depending on how long we can keep it going start adding these too. I will have an enforcer gang to use as an arbitrator too if necessary (or give to another player if my own gang is the problem...).

Challenges a gang may make a challenge to capture one territory/racket/road per week and may accept two challenges and claim territory income after each, anymore games than this are just for the scenario rewards, no other income earned even for fixers etc only expenses to be paid.

That all my brain can remember at mo will come back and add edits
I'm sure there are plenty who might not like all of these ideas but please keep ideas constructive ;) BB.
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