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Shadow War Shadow War: Armageddon FAQ and Errata V2 2017-05-12

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This is missing a question I have. How many Gunners can Grey Knights have?
Yeah, I just looked through and realized that only Kill Teams that have other than 2 heavies talk about how many they get. I thought I had seen one or two specifically say they could only have two. Don't know if this is any different in the rulebook, but the PDF of the other race kill teams doesn't list how many Sisters you can have total. I think all the other races list that as it isn't consistent. Am I missing something again?
No it was poor posting in gw's part.

So unless stated otherwise kill teams are only allowed to have 3-10 models (gk are 3-5, orks are 3-20 iirc). Every team only is allowed to have 1 (no more, no less) leader, 2 specialist (iirc ig can have 3), and you can't have more new recruits than other leader/trooper/ specialist unless stated in the unit rules like in the GK download.

The some other differences:

-your cap is your cap from what I understand. As a sister player I can never have more than 10 models and no less than 3.

-credits. Everyone gets x amount of credits to buy stuff or members. Then you can sell 1 cache for x more credits to do the same with.

-Caches are also used to buy a special op and to win the campaign.
Yeah, haven't gotten to the campaign parts yet. I was glad to see the change in pinned and the ammo roll change is interesting. I wish they had done something about the HtH. I have buddies who will never go into HtH because they don't like the way the rules are.
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