Shadow War: Armageddon Fighter Cards.


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Oct 31, 2013

I've updated my resource in the Vault for my Fighter Cards. For those that don't know I was quite taken with the cards that came in Necromunda: Underhive (N17) and in many way prefer them to a bit of tatty A4 paper after a while.


So I thought I'd come up with my own version for SW:A, because I've been enjoying that game quite a lot recently and frankly, it needs less roster work than Necromunda, so it's a perfect place to introduce these cards as an A4 replacement.

These are quite fun, it's nice to have something tactile to play with and I quite enjoy having the equipment profiles there on the card so I don't have to run off and hunt them down or look for them on a reference sheet.

Originally I wasn't going to do a roster, though I decided to so you could have somewhere to record that lovely Promethium Cache! So the mini roster holds the other information about your Kill Team: its name, faction, members names, whether they miss next mission and Promethium Caches.

Everything else is included on the fighter cards for convenience. They're all the same size so you can stack them up in a nice deck.

How to make them:
Download the PDF from the Vault here : SW:A Fighter Cards and then you can either print them out at home or, my preferred option, take them to a copy shop (like Staples) and have them printed out in high quality on a satin card. That's what I've done and they look very good!

You will have to do a bit of work though. Version 2.5 (as of writing) has three pages. Pages 1 & 2 are the cards and background respectively. There are five cards per A4 sheet. You will need to print an appropriate amount of page 1 (say five sheets to get 25 cards) and then flip them over and print out the same amount of page 2.

Page 2 is a full A4 image, that's so you can cut out the cards and not have misaligned backs. The backs will vary a bit in image - don't worry so much about that, 99% of the time they will be face up and a unified back isn't necessary. If you are worried about that buy some card in that shop with a glossy mono-colour side, like gloss black. Get them to print the cards on the plain white side. Then cut.

The roster sheets (five per A4 page again) are on Page 3. Print that page out, flip and print page 2 on its reverse if you want a back (it looks nicer). Or use that mono-colour card again.

So, you want to see some images?? Here you go!!
The colour is a bit out in my photo due to the lighting. The actual print colour is the same as the renders below.

Of course these are a completely optional fun item. If you prefer the usual A4 sheet then use that!!

If you do use these, let me know how you get on!
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A useful thing. Since the early '90s I have preferred index cards with units to A4 or 8.5x11 sheets crammed with data, for a bunch of reasons [one of which being the ability to flip them face down to indicate they have been "used" for the phase, another being that they can be placed nearby on the table when briefly necessary, and another being they have a collective smaller footprint when stacked, for those tables that are less... expansive, and so on]. These accomplish that, AND look good.

Theming the backs would also be easy as well, just by printing some other pattern instead of that second page, such as:
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Thank you for the comment @Aulenback! If you print some out and use them do let me know how you get on with them! Or even post up a photo here of them in use, it’d be nice to have contributed something fun and useful to people’s games.

I like them (clearly) for the same reason as you stated; nice to have the information close on a convenient small card, easily ‘tapped’ to indicate activated or flipped to indicate used/out of action etc.

As for the backs - feel free to use any backing you wish, whether it’s the provided rusty metal (me mates and I like that one) or any alternative you prefer. I may get round to doing some more aligned ones in future but for the minute I’ve steered clear of the official logo as it’s still a product on sale from GW. There is the possibility of themed decks (Inqusition logo, Ork glyph, Eldar runes etc) but that’s a lot more pages to append to the back of the pdf that may or may not be used. I preferred to keep it simple for now.

When I see hazard stripes I think “Necromunda” - which is why I haven’t used them for the SW:A cards. It may be that I have another idea still in WIP stage for a stripy backed set of cards and roster sheet... ;)

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