Shadow War Zone - Create and Track your Kill Teams

May 15, 2017
@cadianshock First off, absolutely outstanding work. My friends and i are using it for our campaign and its made a huge difference, so thanks very much. Are there any plans to let users connect battles to each other? Like if a member of one killteam takes an enemy out and said enemy rolls a painful recovery result, then youd be able to tag that users killteam member as being the source of the hatred? Probably not that relevant for most, but with all the other detail that the site provides it would be a cool feature. Either way its a great builder so keep it up!

This is certainly on its way, I have been working on it this evening :)

Although its going to be a lot more fancy....
  • Leader boards.
  • Private and public Campaigns.
  • Campaign images.
  • Individual battle details and battle images.
  • Track Hatred of enemy Fighters.
  • Real Kill Team points cost based on Skills and stats increases.
And more...... stay tuned....
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May 15, 2017
Campaigns are now live!

Find them in the top left menu when logged in.

Create a Kill Team, create a Campaign and invite your buddies to it.

Current features:

- Add other Kill Teams to a Campaign and the other user gets an email invite
- Simple "live search" for finding other Kill Teams to invite
- When the invite is declined or accepted the Campaign creator gets a confirmation
- Assign existing battles you have already entered into a Campaign
- Set who won or lost in a battle - or it it was a draw
- Private and public Campaigns
- Leader board

You will then get a very nifty leaderboard which is a sortable table showing:

- Points
- "Ranking" points based on 25pts per skill and 15pts per stat increase
- Wins
- Losses
- Promethium Caches

Demo here of the table 2017-06-06 18.52.28.png?dl=0

The battle edit screen looks like this and is automatically shown after completed a battle. Or skip it and come back to it later via the new My Battles screen 2017-06-06 18.55.19.png?dl=0

BOTH you and your enemy in a Campaign can edit the details of a battle. This improves transparency regarding when the battle was added to the Campaign. It just means when the second person enters their stats and skills they need not assign it to the Campaign. When another user adds a battle and assigns you as their opponent you will get an email.

Still to come:

- Assigning Hatred to an enemy Fighter
- Campaign images
- Battle images

I want to hear more ideas!
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May 15, 2017
You can now create Kill Teams anonymously!

Its been asked for a lot, but now it is here. You can create a Kill Team without signing up. You can later of course provide a username, email and password to "upgrade" and gain full access thus making the Kill Team yours.

Points of note:
  • Anonymous Kill Teams will be deleted after 1 month.
  • You can create a single Kill Team .
  • Anonymous Kill Teams cannot add images.
  • Anonymous Kill Teams cannot be viewed publicly and will not appear on the Kill Team lists.
  • Anonymous Kill Teams cannot be added to Campaigns.
But what this does do is enable users to see and use the site's main functionality (making a Kill Team) without needing to provide any info!

This may all change depending on feedback. Its a new feature so please do let me know about bugs!

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Okay, I might have this not exactly right... @andrewedwardbrown might be able to correct if I have it wrong. We played last thursday, used print outs from your site. I used the straight roster type, worked fine, no issues at all. Only slight mod I'd possibly have is adding the current stash of promethum to it as at the club I'm not on a computer so cant go check easily. That was the only info I looked for and couldnt find.

Andy used a differnt print option, the one with pics of the gangers on. He was saying tehre was some issue when trying to print intially that it would only do the first 4 pages then get some error. The other issue was the auto trim on the pics were annoying. I dont honestly know how you fix this, but jsut thought I'd report back some of the things we noticed.


Dec 14, 2016
Portland OR USA
When you clone a Chaos Marine that has the mark of Nurgle, the clone that is created seems to have the mark, but his toughness stat is not increased.

*Amazing work* by the way.
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