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Nov 28, 2015
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Here's some 4chan links for skill tables:

They fixed the nonsense that was Marksman.

I'm amazed.
Very interesting exercice to see what has GW done, compared to the discussions we've had in the last months about skills. I'm specially curious about muscle table.
To be fair it's a totally different proposition to normal Necromunda in terms of HtH, because there are higher M values as standard.

I mean Wyches are M6 with access to Sprint. It'll make it much more HtH friendly in general.
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Fast Shot gives you sustained fire then Marksman allows you to re-roll failed to hit rolls...

Yup, Marksman basically becomes current CE rapid fire (I think that's what it is, I haven't really kept track!)

The rapid fire dice choice seems odd when you have Shuricats that already have a rapid fire dice and Eldar can roll on that table
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These skills are really, really good! On the right warband member, they can become pretty powerful pretty quickly. Do you know if there's a restriction on selecting the same member over and over for advancement?

I kind of wish there was an experience point system like 'munda.
My goodness am I reading this right? Correct me if I am wrong, but if specialists have the ability to gain skills, then looking at the Harlequin Solitaire's movement with the sprint skill is terrifying.
Don't quote me, but Special Operatives do not advance or learn skills the same way, you have to pay a "promethium cache" (the major victory resource of the game) to recruit a Special Operative to participate in one mission. Kind of like Hired Guns or Mentors.
Don't quote me, but Special Operatives do not advance or learn skills the same way, you have to pay a "promethium cache" (the major victory resource of the game) to recruit a Special Operative to participate in one mission. Kind of like Hired Guns or Mentors.

Ahh ok thank you. I was mistaking the Special Operative as being counted among the skills table "specialist" and now see the Virtuoso as the specialist type on the list. :p
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Wow they fixed the entire combat skills table.

Guerilla is the equivalent of the old technology skills table. Almost as good too. +50pts after each game for scavenger is huge. Medic is as amazing as ever.

This really makes skitarii the new van saar I guess, though the taus also have guerrilla+shooting. Funnily enough, the genestealer cult has guerilla as well, which seems logical given the name of the table, but makes little sense given the skills themselves. :LOL:

It's all very interesting, but unlike Necromunda, you get rather few progressions (and thus few skills) during a Shadow War campaign.
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A quick glance, halfway through first coffee, review:
Actually quite like most of these, but I've always thought Step Aside was too much.

Killer Rep - how does Fear work? 'cos if it is the break and run away still I have never liked that.

Armourer - well, it helps the team, but Ammo Hound (in shooting) makes this kinda a sad addition to an otherwise seemingly nice table (lots of creds stuff in here that I haven't read about how it functions)... techno table revamped.

Great Leap - well at least there aren't any sprinting and leaping kangaroos or frog ppl anymore.
Sprint - still by far one of the beat skills in the game...

Hip Shooting + Flamer combo again.
Marskman - Ouch. Too much!
Ammo Hound - can reroll any ammo roll? Seems excessive.

Did Infiltrate need to be nerfed?

As always, ignore me, i donut nose what i am doin' :p
Well, for anything which gives a bonus to ammo rolls, these are much worse than Necromunda given that guns will run out of ammo MUCH less frequently.

So you're getting a skill on something that's largely not much of a problem.

Medic, it's still good but the injury table is much kinder

Sprint is now pretty much the best skill. Get a M7 Wych with Sprint, I don't care about the Purestrain any more!
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I found the rules for combat, and more:

Charging rules, describe that you are only allowed to charge if you can reach the fighter, which implies a pre-measure. And under Shooting, it states that you can pre-measure everything. So that seems confirmed.

I also noticed that you can only charge models that are within line of sight (or 2 x initiativ distance), which is a new thing.

It think GW has made some good changes here, as I have experienced multiple instances in NCE that new player having a hare time with all these rules. Charging fighters you cannot see often comes as a surprise, and not being allowed to pre-measure, is also really hard for new players.
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Yes, I think pretty much all the game play changes they have made are great. If only they had taken the time to clean up the hiding rules, it would be almost perfect.

I also like the -1 to hit running fighters, as it really increases mobility, and incentivises gangs to push forward (Running to cover is more fun than walking into hiding ... ) and it furthermore makes sense to change the old -1 to hit fast moving ("12) fighters, with all the new units with higher movement - and the new possibility of movement stat advancement.

Of cause there might be a bit of inflation on BS, with all the scopes / visors available and BS 4 units, so it will be interesting to see how that works out, and if it all comes down to armor and the ability to escape pinning? But who knows ...
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